• David Wilcock: Stunning 1981 Law of One Prophecy Unsealed by Current Events (3)

    Video by David Wilcock transcribed by Ey@el

    The Hole in the Curtain

    I have the impression that in the near future, the seeking will increase by many who now are incarnate in the physical on this planet..."

    "The generalities of expression can never be completely correct. However, we may note that when faced with a hole in the curtain, an entity's eyes may well appear for the first time through the window beyond. This tendency is probable given the possibility/probability vortices active within your space/time and time/space continue with this nexus."

    The hole in the curtain, folks, is exactly what's happening to us right now. The hole in the curtain is the Great Awakening. It is the process we're going through right now. It is the unveiling of negativity on a global scale, a shockingly integrated corporate vertically integrated structure that's got social media, media corporations, military, and government all in lockstep and they're all working together for what now appears to be a very unpleasant agenda that involves reduction of how many people are here.

    At least, this is what everybody's thinking right now whether it's true or not, you know I'm not arguing. At this point, I'm just saying that this is obviously by all the things that we're seeing: the masses of people gathering in many countries around the world, how huge those are — this is not going to go away and this is what people feel. The people are looking at evidence and they're coming up with their own conclusions and they're not being told what to think.

    So what they say is the hole in the curtain causes the entity to peer through the window beyond for the first time. What does that really mean?

    That means that as people on Earth — right now many of them for the very first time (I've been prepared for this again in 1999, they were giving me the statements of what was going to happen and that it would be okay) — but here we are now and many people are only now seeing what the 4th density energy reveals which is the hidden negativity on Earth.

    Why does it do this?

    Because the negativity cannot last in the presence of 4th density. It's like the idea of throwing an ice cube on a sidewalk in the middle of the summer on the hottest day of the year. How long do you think that ice cube is going to last? How long do you think negativity lasts in the presence of light? Shadow is only caused by an absence of light. If you throw on full spectrum light in all directions, there's no shadow anymore. Nothing has the ability to cast a shadow because the light is everywhere. That's basically what 4th density is.

    Free Energy

    It blows open the future. It blows open the realization of why life on Earth has sucked so much; why we've had such a crappy economy; why we're still driving these vehicles that are almost no different than trains from the early 1800s — it's essentially a locomotive, but the big technological breakthrough is we figured out how to put rubber on the tires so we don't have to go on a rail — and then what about the fuel?

    So we kind of went from coal to gas. Wow, that's huge! Wow, it's amazing technological advancement! It's a locomotive we're driving — locomotives with rubber tires that burn gas. Nothing has changed. All of these other advancements that we have, smartphones, high technology, a little watch that has everything you need inside of it, and we can't figure out how to build something better than a locomotive with rubber wheels? It's ridiculous and that's because the people who are profiting off of the oil system set it all up at the beginning of the 20th century and they didn't come up with any better business model so they just kept using it. They don't want you to stop using this model because their business relies upon it for profit.

    If i'm talking about things like free energy you don't need to pay for that is the buzzword in the military as I learned is 'power plants'. So when you hear the word 'power plant' that actually means something that releases a large amount of energy and it's not going to be expensive. It's in fact free or very inexpensive. So the only real reason why all this stuff has been held back is that they want us to suffer; they want us to be miserable; they want us to be under control; and they want us to be constantly traumatized.

    Trauma & Dissociation

    One of the greatest things that I have learned over the years is how the negative works.

    What is the strategy of the negative ?

    The strategy of the negative I call 'stacking' and this is how most people get attacked by the negative. The negative has learned that it doesn't need to hit you with one really bad crisis like a car crash. You don't need to actually crash your car to have a total meltdown. All that needs to happen is a combination of really awful stress out in the world and there's plenty of that right now. So you could go crazy just by reading the news. It's cognitive dissonance. But also you have these bad things going on in your own life and so if crisis number one, two, three and four, betrayal number one, two, three and four all kind of collide in on you at the same time while these negative things are also happening in the world, the effect on your psyche is that you feel totally overwhelmed and then you go into a dissociative state.

    Now I believe that everyone disassociates and this is what the cabal is trying to get you to do, because when you disassociate, you go into a fight-or-flight response and we've learned a lot about this in psychology. We've learned that in fight-or-flight, you only use the core of your brain — you only use the reptilian brain. When people are in fight-or-flight trauma PTSD-type of condition, none of your brain is functioning. Your brain does not work. You are a child who is terrified and who either is going to fight or run, but those are your decisions and that's the only thing you're going to focus on. You do not have the capacity to analyze information. You do not have the capacity for critical thinking and so people don't understand that you can have the equivalent of a separate identity that pops up in you when you are traumatized.

    And in this identity, you're in fight-or-flight, you only use the reptilian core of your brain. You literally do not have access to the rest of your brain, you can't think. So wouldn't it be interesting if you were a globalist elite and you could make people that way, keep them in the center of their brain, keep the rest of their brain from functioning so that they don't have the ability to critically think — they don't have the ability to analyze what you're doing, and they don't have the ability to really even understand it. That's what they're trying to do.

    The Psychopathic Elite

    And so a psychopath is a person who does have the use of most of their brain but they don't have the frontal lobes. So bear in mind that when a psychopath is torturing you and this psychopath is basically just to fight, it's not like Hannibal Lecter, they don't. It's not a murderer. A psychopath in a psychological definition is a person who has no compassion for you, they just want to manipulate you; they want to control you; they want to abuse you. That's what they're here for. That's what they're interested in. So if that's what you're dealing with and that kind of person is out there, they do not use the frontal lobes of their brain. So psychopaths they found on these MRI's, the frontal lobes are gone.

    But remember, if the psychopath can trick you into going into your trauma body (your pain body as some have called it now), you only have access to the core so they have a lot more brain power available to them than you do, because the frontal lobes being offline means that they can still think and analyze and strategize, while you are in this traumatized state where you can't really think clearly at all. And because they don't have the frontal lobes, the compassion, you know, whether they're hurting your feelings that has no relevance for them.

    And so, a certain percentage of our population are psychopaths traditionally said to be 4% men 2% women which means theoretically a man is twice as likely to be a psychopath than a woman. But still 4 to 2% is not that much, however when these people organize and they form social structures, governments, and corporations, it's a big problem, because they all start thinking the same way. And wouldn't you know that (and I'm going to be very very careful about how I say this) if you're in a ceremony with other people and bad things are happening, you go into a programmable hypnotic state because the the horror of what you're seeing is so incredibly huge. That it is exactly the equivalent of tripping. If you're in a very horrible ceremony, you are having a psychedelic experience because you're so traumatized by simply seeing this.

    And imagine what would happen with those people in the room as they look each other in the eye while they're doing these horrible things, the bonding that occurs between those individual. Because they've been bonded by a shared trauma experience that's very horrific, that bonding leads to loyalty just like it does with soldiers in the military. They're loyal to each other because they go through the same thing. And the way that they justify it is they say: "We're the elite. We're the special ones, we're the cool ones. You all suck but we're amazing and we're better than you and so we want to get rid of you because we don't like you".

    To be continued...

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