• David Wilcock: Stunning 1981 Law of One Prophecy Unsealed by Current Events (2)

    Video by David Wilcock transcribed by Ey@el

    Economic Collapse for Spiritual Growth

    What we are discussing is the systematic breakdown of existing orders in order to make way for changes that will result. The idea of this transformation of your society is indeed all-encompassing. We are not talking about making one simple geographic realignment or one simple raising vibration the way that people are thinking. We have been guided through this formula every step of the way in these readings and elsewhere. We now know what to expect and how we will get there."

    In 1999, they were saying this and so for the thinking person the question becomes this: "What do I do when I eventually want to resculpt society to the way that it should be?"

    "We advocate that you take some serious time in contemplation of these matters."

    And then here's another one: they are clearly telling us the economic collapse that hadn't happened yet when I wrote this "will create an incredible spiritual growth opportunity. The value of the dollar will be reduced, that's probably an understatement and the economies are going to boom and collapse simultaneously. Indeed, it is this conjunction of forces that precludes the opportunities for the most intense spiritual growth on this planet. You, like everyone else; will go through this experience. It is a question of how and whether you choose to face it or deny it that will determine the course of your future actions".

    Last but not least, the rescue squad is coming. Look at this: "The financial concerns should not worry you as all is part of a greater plan in this case the rescue squad is coming and we are pleased to say that so when it actually does start happening (which is what's happening now), you can rest assured that all will be taken care of. Don't allow yourself to be deluded into thinking that the events unfolding are out of control. Quite to the contrary, they are very much being controlled and monitored".

    There we go and that's what we can see now.

    "We have refrained from making complete predictions about this time. The time we're in now as the planetary consciousness continues to change for the positive and it is hard to tell exactly where all of this is leading. So once you are closer to the event itself, it should be more obvious where the trends are."

    New Health Technologies

    There are various things that have been invented by various individuals that are not public and those things are radical and they transform everything about life on Earth, medical technologies where nobody has to suffer. And these medical technologies, by the way, if you look back at the Russian experiments with pyramids — they were building pyramids out of PVC pipes and fiberglass facing, up to 144 feet tall (which is huge) and then when they put even something as simple as liquid water inside the pyramid, one ObGyn group in Russia discovered that they could feed one milliliter of pyramid water to babies that were born prematurely with such low birth weight that they're guaranteed to die by normal statistics. What do you think happened to the babies that were given one milliliter of water that was stored in these pyramids that they built themselves? Every baby that got that water lived. Miraculous healings. They've found that it works on all kinds of stuff: cancer, you name it, any disease, diabetes you just get better.

    So even if there's no other immunotherapies available for anybody that happened to have had this done (which I know there are), the pyramid water, if we can get that going or something equivalent thereof and it's again it's inexpensive, we just have to build them and then we have to store water in them for a while. But that kind of thing could totally eliminate any type of health problem potentially because that's what it does.

    So if people are worried about their health, if they did something that they now regret, the technology that we're going to have in the future shouldn't make this a problem. And I also believe that the alliance has the antidote because the DIA got its hands on this guy from the country in question starting with the sea and the man in question defected and came over here and he's been sharing all this information with them and that information I'm suspecting it includes an antidote. So i think they already have it and they're going to release it later. And we all need to go through this first.

    So yes, it's very sad if anybody has you know passed from whatever side effects are occurring. And believe me, this is very personal. Both my wife and I have people we know in our own immediate family system who have either been severely compromised or have died. And the timing is interesting, let's just put it that way. A lot of us are having this so this is a very difficult period of time on Earth. We're all going through loss, grief, sorrow, depression. Many people are going through substance abuse, suicidal ideation, lots of stuff that's really counterproductive for being an evolved and aware citizen of the Earth. But I was told about this folks in 1999. [...]

    The Solar Cycle

    The solar cycle has now been ramping up and it started right at the end of December 2019. Very interesting timing in light of what happened as soon as the solar cycle kicked in. The sun does an 11-year cycle where it goes up and down.

    And what do I mean by up and down?

    At the low point of the cycle, there's no sunspots on the sun. It looks totally calm and relaxed like a still pond. At the peak of the sunspot cycle, it's boiling with rage. There's fire, just huge things called solar prominences — huge arcs of fire. And those explosions that come out of the sun called coronal mass ejections in which massive amounts of charged particles are released.

    And if we get hit by one of those CME's directly, it could take down our power grid and it could destroy communications. So that's entirely possible. In fact, there have been a few CME's that have happened that missed the Earth very narrowly. And if they'd hit the Earth, we'd already be out of a job here. But in my opinion, the benevolent angelic forces there are you know — we're going to learn this that there are plenty of other intelligent life forms out there and some of them are really interested in keeping us alive and keeping us safe on Earth. Those are the ones that we want to talk to. So when we have this kind of overview of where we are now and the 4th density energy kicking in and then we look at 2012 (Snowden yeah).

    So now that the sunspot cycle is ramping up, this is correlated with yet more 4th density energy coming in and so right now it would appear that we are peaking with 4th density energy because the entire planet is now becoming aware of this entrenched evil stuff.

    Remember my readings in 1999 said: "We now know exactly what's going to happen; we know how it's going to work out and and we're going to guarantee a positive outcome". They're basically guaranteeing us this thing's going to work out. Now that, of course, is related to my credibility and whether you believe me or not. But even if you don't want to believe me, the original Law of One series which was 18 years earlier to when I got my contact, which again came after reading the Law of One and tuning with the Law of One — my contact told me it was the same source as the Law of One. So some people believe it and some people don't. I personally believe it is true, but they didn't do it the same way as they did with the Law of One. It was more of a filtration system through me. So it's not as clean, it's as accurate, it's not as precise. [...]

    The Flushing Out of Ammunition

    And there's only one thing to keep your eyes on in the midst of all this and this has become a much more pressing issue now and it's like: "You guys are you ever going to release the results?"

    And I'm sure a lot of you are thinking that. Well, what they've said is that every time that they tease that they're going to do it, the enemy is forced to expend ammunition, so they have to set something up. They have to do something crazy, try to fight back. And they keep losing ammunition. Quote unquote: " In the process so anything that you hear about when it's going to happen is probably false and they're going to keep doing this to keep flushing out more of the ammunition."

    So it could go on for months. I have no idea. I'm being honest okay. I don't think it's going to take that long, but it's very obvious that we are at a critical point moment. If you don't think that this therapy that everyone is being offered is medical therapy — if you don't think it's good... Well, I mean it's being forced and so now it's becoming something that everybody's got to deal with and if your opinion of it is bad, then you're probably having a very bad attitude and you're probably having a lot of depression, anger, sorrow, crying all that kind of stuff and I totally understand.

    To be continued...

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