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    Video by David Wilcock transcribed by Ey@el

    The following is the first part of a partial transcript of a recent 3-hour long live video in which David Wilcock draws an interesting parallel with the current events and the Law of One prophecy on which he sat for many years as there was no need to call attention to it, until and unless this timeline actually happened. Once you read the prophecy, you will see how well the pieces fit together. Everything that is happening now was predicted in the Law of One series. It's a lot of work and time-consuming to transcribe, put together and translate into French, so please bear with me for the next instalments. Thank you.

    The Law of One material is a series of 106 conversations, called sessions, between Don Elkins, a professor of physics and UFO investigator, and Ra, speaking through Carla Rueckert. Ra states that it/they are a sixth-density social memory complex that formed on Venus about 2.6 billion years ago. Ra says that they are “humble messengers of the Law of One” and that they previously tried to spread this message in Egypt with mixed results.

    The material was channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984. It has been published in book form, and the books can be freely downloaded from L/L Research’s library or purchased from their online store or from Amazon. The methodology that L/L Research used to contact Ra is described in detail in the introduction to the original Book I. See the books page for more information about the books. The original audio recordings are also available, as are audiobooks and text-to-speech renditions. Audio information. (Source)


    Angels & Extraterrestrials

    God the Father is the Universe of galaxies and they all have a one-infinite consciousness as one identity. God the Son is the identity of the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy is an intelligent being with its own personality in this Law of One system and they say that it could be called 'Logos' or 'Love'. But they also say that Jesus was the Logos. Therefore when Jesus says "I am the Word made flesh", he said actually in Law of One terms "I am the Logos made flesh" because the word in the Bible, the original Greek is 'Logos' ('word', 'reason' in ancient Greek — N.d.T.).

    So when Jesus says "I am the Word", he says "I am the Logos". That means Jesus is the mind of the galaxy which is really cool because now you don't have to think that extraterrestrials are bad. They're all going to become part of the Christ. They're all part of the Christ mind which is our galaxy.

    We're way too limited in thinking that intelligence would only be on Earth or that any other place besides Earth where there's any type of intelligent life, they must be demons and they must be evil. You actually read the Bible, they talk about extraterrestrials all the time. They call them 'messengers' or 'angelos'. Angelos — angels. That's where it comes from. It's a Greek word.

    So the messengers have always been around. The angels have always been around, they're not fake and they're not superstition. They're very real and they used to walk among us but then we got into a thing after Islam 800 a.d where they pulled back because as soon as we started fighting over Chiite/Sunnite and who gets to be in charge, it starts to be something they don't want.

    So what the Law of One says is that Jesus's message essentially got right to the core of what we want you to know— we as the people are working on this initiative. It is the mind of the galaxy, you can't get away from it; you're not going to go through some other Christ; you have to go through the Christ which is the Galaxy. God the Son is the Galaxy.

    Which means that when we meet extraterrestrials, they are also going to be saved by the Christ because that's all there is. You can't get out of this, that's what it is. Love is Consciousness; Consciousness is the Universe; the Logos is Jesus. Apparently, we got a very special deal where the Logos, the galactic mind, which normally would be intangible, compressed itself into a human form and walked on Earth and that's apparently very rare.

    The Word Is Forgiveness

    The Law of One tells us that you will be defined by your actions and by your thoughts. Your life on earth is under evaluation every second. Every second that you live, you are being evaluated.

    What are you being evaluated for?

    You're being evaluated for your level of forgiveness, it is that simple. "There is one word and the word is forgiveness". They give us this in the Law of One by saying a very important quote: "In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma".

    Now the wheel of karma they describe is a process by which you start at the top of the wheel, you crash down to the bottom, you gotta dig yourself out of the bottomless pit — the dark night of the soul you got to go all the way back up to the top. But then you're going to fall again and it's like a wheel because if until you learn forgiveness, the wheel keeps spinning.

    If you can properly learn to practice forgiveness, the wheel will go up to the top and then it will stay there. And at that point you're no longer subject to random suffering happening over and over again.

    Well, forgiveness sounds all fine and good, but it also seems to be potentially counterproductive right, if somebody is going to bash your head in and you're going to die, you don't want to just forgive them now.

    Wait a minute, David, isn't that what Jesus did?

    Yeah, the Law of One gets into this in extensive detail. Jesus's mission was specifically dialed in for him to be a martyr because of how badly damaged our planet is and because people needed a very simplified spiritual message. So all the core is there and it is Jesus, okay, so you're worshiping the right guy! It's just that they wanted to make it a lot easier to understand because there was many, many things that they had given us before trying to shed light on deeper levels of what it means to be human and what it means to be spiritual and they got totally messed up.

    The 4th Density Energy

    These positive beings originally told us about the pineal gland — the third eye in the center of the brain that it is the seat of the soul. It is the awakening of the soul that happens through this and they tell us that the pineal gland can be opened and that when it does we have this opening of the eye and we have this whole ascension experience taking place where we become a light being who now has really cool things like telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, the knowledge of all your past lives, the ability to walk in between the world of the living and the dead...

    Well how do we get to this fourth density?

    Apparently, our solar system is drifting into a region of the cosmos where its own celestial intelligence structures it so that we go into this next level of awareness. We're structured through galactic space. We move through galactic space. There's greater energy in that space. The energy activates our solar system, activates interplanetary climate change which we're seeing, and it activates the perceptions of the soul.

    As we become aware of 4th density energy more and more — this is the energy according to the Law of One that causes thoughts to become things. So, one of the examples they give is cancer. They say the reason why people are getting cancer now in the 20th century and they didn't get it so much before then is because now your thoughts are able to manifest in your body as the growth of tissue. So anger, according the Law of One, manifests as the growth of unwanted tumor cells and this is part of the soul's journey because, remember, the goal is forgiveness, so you don't stay on this wheel. But if you stay angry, your body will eventually kill you.

    Nature itself is designed to remove hateful elements. Nature itself is designed to remove anger, sadness, depression, fear... Sometimes it does this through death. That's one of the things the Law of One talks about. It's a very interesting thing where they begin to describe the human being as a single consciousness that is the Earth because we are on Earth. And the Earth is alive and it has its own sentience, the Earth's mind if you will, the Earth's consciousness, the Earth's personality. It is not something else, it is the function of the people on the planet.

    The Earth's consciousness is a if you will Borg-like mass mind of humans. But it's not evil like the Borg. It's actually good and it's compassionate. So as the 4th density energy comes in in waves, we get greater revelations of Truth and we get to see the negativity for what it really is.

    1936-2020, History Repeats Itself

    So 1936 being a surge of fourth density energy correlates precisely with the arrival of Hitler on the world stage and a level of bizarre draconian government chicanery unlike anything we've ever seen before in our lives. And then, of course, the horror of what ended up happening to these people and how a country was able to take a particular subset of their population, in this case Hebrews and turn them into evil enemies that people actually agreed with.

    In other words, what they did was to blame the desperate economic failure of Germany on a certain particular demographic, which was not related to that at all, and then by getting everyone angry at this particular group of individuals to say "These people are the reason why your life sucks. We need to take care of these people. We need to send them off to a camp"... Australia, sounds familiar? And they're getting gassed. I mean I don't know if it's real. You know, it's not Zyklon but it's tear gas or something like that. There was that video leaked recently. [...]

    There were a lot of people in this 'conspiracy community' believing that this is somehow going to destroy your life automatically even if you take only one or two. However, I don't believe that's what's really going on. There appears to be a lot of immunotherapies that will be possible to be implemented and I don't believe that it's a sentence.

    However, if you don't have to, if you're not forced to absolutely, don't do it. That's my opinion and I'm entitled to my opinion. Apparently I am, maybe they don't think I am. [...]

    So this could be the last show I do and that's okay. I want to talk to you honestly about this, I don't want to be going through a layer of nonsense all right. I have done the research, I've done the homework. There's an incredible amount of research out there, but you have to make that jump away from the plantation, away from the familiar places that you're used to going like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. If you can do that, if you can branch out a little bit, you might find that there's a lot of stuff out there.

    For example, a recent study from the CDC itself actually just said that there's an 83-percent seropositive thing already going on, which means 83% of people have some form of immunity already. And guess what you need for herd? 80 percent. We're 3% above herd already. There's no reason for any of this stuff.

    To be continued...

    Transcribed by Ey@el
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