• David Wilcock On The Rules Of The Illuminati

    Interview with David Wilcock transcribed by Ey@el

    So this is it, the last and final installment of the series of excerpts from the extensive 85-minute video interview with David Wilcock conducted by Joe Martino on  Collective Evolution (see  Related articles) I have been transcribing for you.

    This one is very short in comparison, but the content is no less of crucial significance to grasp the whole thing David has been talking about. You sure could find more details about all these ceremonies and rituals he's referring to abundantly documented in David Icke's books for instance. Or watch again, with a different perspective, the Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom movie amongst others. Now you'll understand why in 1984 or more recently Hunger Games, the masses are forced to watch TV. And why you should avoid watching mainstream news and get your information from independent alternative sources.

    Hope these materials will have enlightened you or at least brought your awareness one step closer to realizing that you are actually way much more than what they would like us to believe we are.


    One of the things that I learnt from whisteblowers from the Cabal itself is that they have to work within something that they call the rules — so this is very, very important, I really want to make sure that this gets into the film. The rules are a body of spiritual principles that they must to follow in order to be allowed to exist.

    What do I mean by “allowed to exist”? I mean that they are aware of benevolent forces that will prevent them from achieving their goals unless we give them permission to enslave us.

    Now, think about that: “What? I didn't give them permission!”

    So why did they put this plan for three world wars on display in a book that's hung open behind glass in the British Museum Library of London? And those three world wars that they're outlining are exactly World War I, World War II, and the War On Terrorism. Because the rules state that they have to tell us what they're doing. Therefore, if we allow it to happen, we have consented to tyranny, we have consented to enslavement.

    Now, if you get into the secret history of the Cabal, this was rediscovered by Queen Elizabeth — the original Elizabeth we've heard about from the 1500's. Queen Elizabeth's royal astrologer, a man named John Dee, who is the prototype of the wizard with a long beard, the hat, and what he did was to rediscover, through these ancient documents that were in the Vatican, the technology of how to access what they considered to be spiritual beings that were useful to them, but that we would consider to be demonic or evil beings.

    © David Dees

    These beings need to be accessed through a very complex set of rituals and ceremonies — you cannot just ask for them to show up. You have to follow very elaborate and specific protocols. If you follow those protocols, it's like having an IP address which is what we use to go online in order to go to a website. Any website has its own IP address. These spiritual beings such as Baal or Moloch, which they still do ceremonies for today such as in Bohemian Grove — there is a giant stone effigy of an owl, that's the god Moloch. The god Moloch was all the way back to Rome and Carthage in which they were offering child sacrifices to this god in exchange for power.

    So John Dee rediscovered the technology of how to draw the magic circles, how to say the right incantations, how to actually do black magic on a governmental level. This is what people are going to have so much trouble with once disclosure happens that these people actually practice black magic and they are very, very good at it.

    Transcribed by Ey@el
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