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    Interview with David Wilcock transcribed by Ey@el

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    Joe Martino, founder of Canadian website Collective Evolution from which I've been translating many articles in French, has recently had the privilege of an exclusive interview with David Wilcock about Disclosure & the Fall of the Cabal. You may register HERE for a free screening of this video.

    Having listened to several of David's conferences on YouTube and read many of his books and articles, what I  heard in this interview didn't come as a big shock to me, but if you're totally unprepared, be aware that it might seriously challenge most of your belief system. Still, the prospects look quite good. It's thus very important and it's our responsibility for each one of us to focus on this vision and hold this vibration. I won't blame you if you can't, though. Myself, it took me an awful long time to come to terms with all this, especially now as we are being overwhelmed by a constant flow of contradictory information: real fake news, fake real news, hoax, no hoax, truth passing for hoax... no surprise most people and even the most tenacious give up. That's the whole purpose indeed.

    As an indication, it's been nearly 20 years for me too since I started my own quest for truth and authenticity, and along the way I've learnt how to use my own discernment and most especially how to never back away from questioning and challenging everything when needed. It's not about making U-turns or surfing on trends, it's all being in the subtle flow (if you don't get me, never mind, I confess having trouble with grasping my own words sometimes). In short, I just wanted to say I didn't decide to publish these information to follow any kind of hype, but if you like to think so, that's okay and you may move on. If you're not ready, you're not and that's it.

    Like George Orwell would say, the ultimate form of censorship is when you repress your opinion out of fear, which is called self-censorhip. In order to stay in alignment with myself, I simply cannot allow that, so here is.

    What follows is a transcript of the first fifteen minutes from this video. As you can imagine, it took me many hours to do so (and also to translate into French), and this is only one sixth of the whole interview, so as you will easily understand, I will not be able to transcribe the whole thing, only the parts I regard as the most significant to understand the actual workings of this world.

    Next month, you will read in detail about the Cabal. Stay tuned...


    Hi! I'm David Wilcock and I've been working for 20 years on disclosure. My goal is to bring out the fullness of the truth of the knowledge that's been suppressed from us. I have spoken to dozens of insiders who have worked in highly classified so-called government programs run through the military-industrial complex who have had first-hand contacts with extraterrestrials. And I looked them in the eye just like I'm looking you in the eye right now and you can tell when someone is lying. These people are telling the truth. The scope of the cover-up is so vast that what we think we know about UFO's and this whole subject constitutes but a very small portion of the actual activity that is taking place in and around our earth and our solar system right now.

    Ultimately I believe that disclosure is a process that doesn't happen in one thundering moment. It's an ongoing event. Now, the conventional view that you hear about disclosure is that this is going to be where the President of the United States gets on national television and tells us the truth. This is very likely to be one of the last if not the last stage of the process. And there will be many intervals before that which we are already seeing.

    Disclosure In Scifi Movies

    Inside these classified government programs, they are doing something called PRI (for Process Release of Information) which is a deliberate effort that has been going since the Roswell crash in the 1940's to plant the seeds of truth into the mass consciousness. What's happening is that alleged science-fiction since the 1940's has been embedding the truth in the storylines so that when we finally do get disclosure, we discover that we have been getting disclosure all along.

    So disclosure is an ongoing process and it is very interesting to note how many movies are actually written in which the idea of UFO's are not real is treated like a joke. Everyone in the movies laughs at people who don't believe. And extraterrestrials being real are used in many, many storylines for a variety of movies. Extraterrestrials being a fact of reality is presented in a wide number of movies.

    I remember watching the remake of Godzilla and extraterrestrials had a lot to do with the remake of Godzilla. Most of the Transformers movies have had very shocking amounts of truthful information in them. And there was an X-Files series reboot in which the whole first premiered episode is absolutely loaded with all kinds of stunning information. The X-Files series reboot in this pilot episode that just aired in January 2016 had an incredible body of disclosure: everything from aerosol chemtrail-type spraying to Federal Reserve, financial collapse, extraterrestrial reality, abduction... It was just unbelievable and we're seeing more and more of these kind of things coming out now.

    So the effort forward disclosure is a very interesting almost schizophrenia in our society in which if even one person who's had a sighting is actually witnessing some sort of extraterrestrial piloted craft, then you'd have to assume now that there is much more going on than just that one little peek. And that means that there could be a much greater amount of information to know that even what most of mainstream ufology has collected. You have to remember the day that we had a UFO field such as the Area 51, this might be one or two whisleblowers who come forward with stuff like this. People photographed it from a high mountain top faraway, we can't get in there, we can't see inside the facility, we don't really know what they're doing.

    The Solar Warden Program

    But what's happening is that there are more and more insiders who have come forward and they have independently spoken to me off the record. I've catalogued what they had to say and I have memorized and in many cases noted that body of information without putting it online. And the reason why is that when someone new comes along and they start saying all the same things and many of the same things, that's when I know that they're all speaking based on a common body of knowledge. And the scope and the complexity of these correlations between different data sets from different insiders is so vast that I don't believe it is possible for this to be a cover-up. The often raised argument slicing through to the simplest possible explanation is that this stuff is actually happening, that our government is in direct contact with a variety of human-looking extraterrestrials, that they have already gotten jointed bases both on earth, inside the earth and on moons, and in some cases in solid planets in our solar system.

    There is a very widespread amount of technology out there including stuff that our own military-industrial complex has built. They have their own deep-space ships, some of which are 2.5 kilometers long cigar-shaped. In fact we have a whistleblower now, William Tompkins, who actually came forward as his aerospace engineer background gave him the blueprint that he designed these ships from. He's presenting us with those blueprints, showing us these cigar-shaped crafts which are identical to the ones that Corey Goode has referred to as having worked in as he was in the Solar Warden program. And William Tompkins independently gave the code name Solar Warden for the program.

    Then we also have Gary McKinnon, the UFO hacker, who independently finds the name Solar Warden when he's hacking the Pentagon through looking for UFO documentation. So this Solar Warden code name was also embedded within a list of a number of non-terrestrial officers, people who have military rank designation but do not work on earth.

    The Libor Scandal

    Now you start to put the pieces together, you start to see what everybody's saying, and this is the disclosure process. We are doing this right now. When you are watching this show, you are part of that process. This process is not going to happen by the official level until it has been wrenched out of their hands. The last thing they ever want to do is to completely tell us the truth because court cases would then be filed, charges would then be made.

    If you look at the Libor scandal where the top mega banks have been accused of colluding with each other to rig their prime interest rates so they can look good in their credit scores and misrepresent themselves to investors as if what they have is a very solvent company when in fact they're all bankrupted and it's a big poundzy scheme. You look at the fallout from Libor which the mainstream media didn't talk about, we are seeing multiple, multi-billion dollars lawsuits that are being prosecuted and fined against these banks and it has very seriously impacted their bottom lines. They're not going able to do another bailout, they're not going to be able to do another tar, the public does not want that to happen.

    Withheld Technologies

    So there is a situation going on right now in which we can actually see an example of a corporate mega entity that is essentially buying its time but is almost out of time right now. And when the time runs out, what we're going to find out is that not only have we been lied to about the scope of financial tyranny in our world, we have been lied to about extraterrestrials because that technology that has already been taken in by our government includes free energy — it includes solutions to every problem that we have here on earth.

    We can desalinate ocean water with very low energy yield, we can then pump that water into the desert and literally irrigate all of the dead areas of our planet. We can completely clean up the Pacific garbage gyres, these gigantic areas of plastic that is just circling around and getting eaten by seagulls and whales and all types of marine life. We can eliminate any need for fossil fuel. We can eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

    There are technologies already in possession of these secret space program groups that eliminate any need for pharmaceuticals. You have pain relief technology in which you interrupt the potassium-sodium balance in the nerves, you don't need anaesthetic drugs, you don't need to take any drugs at all. The only thing you would still need to have a medical community for would be surgery. But all other types of medical illnesses can be treated by advanced technologies that are already in possession of these people.

    That lists the longevity, the life extension. If we want to become an intergalactic interplanetary species, if we want to take the ships that are already built and use them to travel throughout the stars, we need to extend our lifespan. You're not going to be very successful if you only live for 60 or 70 years to go out on a deep space mission like that. They have the technology to dramatically enhance and extend our lifespan.

    They have the technology to allow us to travel through portals, to be able to go from point A to point B even across vast numbers of light years nearly instantaneously. We literally have all the tools in front of us right now for a Star Trek era. The only reason why we don't have it is that our planet unfortunately is being run by a sociopathic Cabal of people who actually believe that humans are bad for the environment and that they need to dramatically reduce population first before they release these technologies. Their goal is to bring us down to our knees so that we are so desperate for help that by the time they give it to us, they can instil total control and have absolute dominion over everyone.

    The International Alliance

    That's going to be allowed to happen. There's an Alliance here on earth of very powerful entities — this actually includes a majority of the US Defence establishment and I'm also talking about organizations that most people think of as negative like the CIA. There are very strong positive groups within all of these different intelligence agencies, the NSA, the DIA, Naval Intelligence... you name it. And what their goal is is to work with this international Alliance of countries that are outside the Western system directly and have seen that in fact we are being ruled by a poundzy scheme that just print money out of thin air as much as they want. That's really the problem here, we can't allow these people to continue to make as much money as they want without having any collateral behind it.

    So once we get some further steps forward in the disclosure process, once the efforts of this international Alliance get to the next level, there will be data dumps, there will be volumes of information released that will shake our beliefs to their core. They will challenge everyone. And what can happen right now is by you listening to this and educating yourself about the truth and about what is really going on in our world, you can help to calm people down when disclosure comes out.

    Because some of the materials is so upsetting that there will be people not wanting to get out of bed, that do not want to eat. I call it the men in the bedroom. Imagine your loved one, you walk in there and there is someone else in bed with that person. And you had no idea this was going on. We are taught to love these politicians, we are taught to aspire to be like them, think of them as great. People cheer in massive crowds at these political rallies. Now when we find out the scope of the betrayal, we find out that these people have not only been lying to us, but they've actually been deploying a weapon system into our food supply... They deliberately added things to processed food that decreases lifespan and increases lethargy, fatigue, laziness... decreases your IQ, decreases your motivation. That's why it's very important that you eat organic food and try to eat as natural a diet as possible. Stay away from this processed stuff.

    What To Expect

    This is a war, these people are trying to kill us. And if you can understand that, then recognize that when the truth comes out it will be in the context very likely of these people having been arrested on a massive level, with all kinds of logistics about how it's going to be done, when it's going to be done... it is a massive operation. And I am not authorized to give all the details away — in fact I did leak details about mass arrests before and unfortunately I compromised at least two different operations because I leaked too much that was classified, I got people killed. So I'm not going to say all of the details now, but they are certain things I can say.

    We do expect there's going to be a blackout. We do expect that all the power is going to go off for a while. During the time that the power goes out, there will be very likely military operations taking place in all the major American cities. Those operations will most likely be occurring in places where this financial Cabal is concentrated the most, you can try to interpolate from that but I'm not saying. It is very likely that the lights will not be turned back on until the operations have been completed. So everyone is being advised to have approximately two weeks of storable food and water on hand because there may be a temporary interruption of goods and services.

    The way I like to look at this is if you throw up, you'll feel better. This is a situation in which it is akin to a coup, but it is a positive counter-coup against the group that has secured political control of our planet in an astonishing fashion and has been far more successful with it than most people realize.

    Transcribed by Ey@el
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