• Crossing The RFID Rubicon

    Article by Zen Gardner

    Things are moving so fast it’s almost a blur. The draconian programs being implemented on every facet of society are coming at us like a swarm of locusts, devouring the vitality of our very existence. Never mind the deliberate toxification of our minds, society and planetary geosphere and similarly propagated dumbing-down or our species, genetic alterations and transhuman mergings with embedded nano technology are screaming into commonplace acceptance.

    As we say in the alternative research community, by the time some “advancement” comes out in the mainstream, it’s usually already been in existence and use for decades. We know this to be true with bar codes, swiping strips, chipping and techno-tracking devices. Besides massive military and surveillance use, supermarkets, manufacturers and retailers have used these types of technologies a long time for tracking inventory and marketing purposes.


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