• Corporation Corridors

    Music & lyrics by Murray Head

    Quite popular as a musician among French audiences, Murray Head once attempted to depict his cultural ambiguity on a TV show in France claiming “my right leg's in France, my left leg's in Britain, and my balls are in the Channel” (all in perfect French). His best and most memorable song is probably "Say It Ain't So" (to be featured some time later, I promise). So why did I pick up this one instead? Have a guess! Actually, the last time I listened to his Shade album from which this track comes from, it was probably three decades ago. It happens all the time: all of a sudden, out of the blue, a tune — some lyrics keep going round in my head. Experience taught me there's always a good reason for it, so I say thank you and like Muse « I wait patiently for a sign ».


    Do you ever get that feeling
    People closing doors behind you?
    All alone again, surrounded
    By the normal things you do,
    Like a rabbit in the headlights,
    You get rooted to the spot.
    Now they baffle you with choices,
    Will they leave you here to rot?

    Corporation corridors,
    How I wonder what's in store for me.
    Corporation corridors,
    Help me find an open door
    Believe in me, I'll play your game
    Please don't ignore me or my name

    Do you ever get that feeling
    People running scared around you
    Sacrificing their opinions
    For the uniform they wear
    Corporation pays the mortgage,
    Telephone and shiny car
    Sell your morals for promotion,
    Pass the buck and you'll go far

    How I wonder what's in store for me
    Corporation corridors,
    Devoted I'll obey your laws
    Grant me my security
    A corporate identity and I'm yours
    I'm yours

    You're the answer to my problems
    Can you help me run my life and find some friends

    Do you ever get that feeling
    People making out they like you
    All the time they're busy working
    On the plan to run you through ?
    If you really want to beat them
    You can do it through the system
    Secret lies in infiltration,
    Anonymity's the clue

    Make a point in being faceless,
    Keep your instinct well alive
    Making sure you leave no traces
    And you won't tell any lies.

    Come and join the corporation now!
    Step into the corridor,
    Come and clock-in at the station now.
    Welcome home 1984!

    © Murray Head, 1982

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