• Coronavirus: The contagion of propaganda

    Article by Jon Rappoport

    © David Dees


    You ate my soul just like a Death Eater.
    I'm the ocean, you're an oil slick,
    Now I am choking on your thought pollution.

    "Propaganda", Muse (2018)

    Coronavirus — jumping on the bandwagon! But worry not, I will NOT fulfil my brainwashed sheepish duty and feed the egregore to have the low astral get their kicks from it. I'm all too aware of my vibratory responsibility and of what's at stake to give in to this large-scale viral bullshit (the pun may be intentional, it comes as naturally relevant). Nor will I report all the woolly theories that this would be a fake accident orchestrated by Zionists; a bio-weapon; an experiment involving 5G; or that Putin did it again. Everything is possible. Almost. Or not. Hard to tell with all this mental diarrhoea. What stands out for me is the perfect timing and the convenience as generally seen in Hollywood movies. The famous deus ex machina of Greek tragedies.

    First of all, a “disaster” should not accommodate anyone. Or else, forgive my French, the Elites are so fucking lucky! Besides, it's all too enormous, the strings are too visible, the actors suck, so as the script, and the audience...let's talk about the audience! What a bunch of bleating sheople. What distresses me most is that in this herd are some otherwise very smart and usually sensible people. Which goes to show they always know how to exploit our vulnerabilities when relating to fear.

    So, with regards to the lab-engineered virus theory, I can't really see the point since no virus can ever be more lethal and more contagious than the stupidity virus which seems to reside dormant in some people — its level of spread inversely related to the level of awareness of its human carriers. Soon, as you shall see, we'll go backward to the Middle Ages and burn witches again (a memory still hot). “Unvaccinated scumbags, burn them at the stake! Stone them to death those bloody murderers killing us because they're too selfish and refuse to be turned into compliant vegetable like us.” If you think I'm exaggerating, let's check social zoos (and don't forget your sick bag).

    As I mentioned on Twitter the other day (for those who follow me), « when I see the toxic spread of fear-mongering with the #conarvirus hashtag widely relayed by sheople, I can't help thinking of Matt Bellamy from Muse as a fucking visionary: "Propaganda", "Thought Contagion", "Panic Station"... Ironically, the typo was genuine (in French "conar" misspelt here means "shithead", "douche-bag" or whatever in the same fashion — but it does work in English as "con art"). I only kept it because I take this slip of tongue as a nod from my subconscious. Soul humour.


    As my readers know, I’ve been presenting evidence that this so-called viral epidemic is unproven. I’ve detailed the fraud from a number of angles (archive here).

    Here I want to comment on the true contagion of propaganda.

    The virus is coming, the virus is coming.

    The press is piling on, as it always does. A story, true or false—it doesn’t matter—describes how basic items are disappearing from store shelves in a town like there’s no tomorrow.

    The STORY causes fear. So more products disappear from store shelves in more places. Now a NEW story with photos of empty shelves takes center stage. More fear. More panic buying. And so forth and so on. The build-out of propaganda.

    The psychological equation is: if there is fear, then the virus must be dangerous. But this is actually like saying: if a man walking on a street at night believes a mugger is about to parachute out of the sky, the sky-mugger must be real.

    The story the press should be featuring is: “our coverage of so-called panic is creating panic.” RUN THAT PIECE.


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