• Confronting Your Fears

    Article by Abellina Saint Juste translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    In this excellent article, a big-hearted (pragmatic) medium/channel replies to a comment on her Facebook page in which someone accused her of posting coaster rides, playing guru, and scaring people out with gloom messages (sic). As I mentioned last year in an article for a collective writing project between bloggers, fear is the absolute weapon. If you want to survive, you need to fight it. There is no other alternative as sticking your head in the sand will not preserve you of anything, let alone from the worst. So let's kick fear out!


    I did not create duality on Earth. Addressing it enables you to choose what you allow or do not allow to be done to you. Duality means we don't live in a world of fantasy. That is the kind of illusion New Age wants to keep you in. As for the rollercoaster rides, unless you live in a cave, this is what our daily lives are made of: pleasure, frustration, limitation, expansion, etc.

    Thank you for your comment. I'll take the opportunity to clarify a few things for many of you.

    Fear is a frequency you agree or not to vibrate on and to nurture, which may in turn create the breeding ground for vampiric entities to feed on. Yes, everything is about frequency! To overcome it, it's not easy as it's not always the same. Some get overloaded with pain while at the same time others will keep on allowing the suffering.

    These are your fears and it's okay to be scared because it means you are confronting them. However, it's up to you to understand and process your fears so as to release them. No one can be held responsible for your own shadow.

    As I said, we're just at the early stages, so watch out for what's coming next.

    I never sold dreams, illusions or mush regarding the realities of our world. It's a rude but necessary awakening indeed.

    Yes, I do a dirty job, often misunderstood by those living on Sesame Street and who are disconnected from what is yet known and experienced by many. Off ground, I'm not here to lull you into fairy tales. These are only for children.

    There are no such things as miracles nor gurus on this page, but I do know my thing. I don't post to push myself forward. I'm not after recognition, likes, or followers. Everyone processes things at their own pace and it's really okay to be scared. But don't apply your issue with everyone else because, I myself am afraid of nothing.

    Finally, what transpires from your reply is the exact reflection of what I was exposing in my post: “a limited perception of yourself whereas you are an extremely powerful multidimensional being, which you are unaware of because every effort has been made from powerful forces beyond Earth to confine you within your emotional crystallisations.” Yes, by entities dwelling on other planes who need us to store energy for them as you would store food in the fridge.

    Once again, you need to allow yourself to work and experiment knowledge beyond your formatting or what the matrix has allowed you to access to.

    Moreover, you are holing yourself up in your fear and the guru in me kindly encourages you to confront it and release it so as to shrug off your cognitive impairment.

    Whether you like it or not, the light does and will expose darkness and our own shadows.

    You say you left Facebook and that within a month, nothing has changed. What about you? What did you change within a month? You see how New Age confines your thoughts and perceptions on 'the outside' while I'm trying to bring back your vision within.

    And as for what you call 'judgemental', these are nothing but sets of incentives, gauges, and highlighting of ongoing limitations in order to allow you to reveal your true selves. So yes, sometimes it hurts and requires that you wake up from this collective manipulation/hypnosis.

    I do hope you feel better in your perception of yourself and of your position so that you find you no longer fear anything as the source you carry within is such an incredible power.

    Translated from French by Ey@el
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