• Color Therapy – Another Suppressed Medical Technology

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    Article by Buck Rogers

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    All colors have a unique frequency and wavelength, and many believe that colors are powerful healing tools that hold promise in medical applications. Yet, today, it is uncommon to find people who embrace the healing potential of colored light, and it’s unlikely that your mainstream medical doctor would even acknowledge the potential of color therapy. This was not always the case, however.

    The technology for color-therapy, the Spectro-Chrome, was developed in 1923 and used for over 20 years in the United States. It may have predicated advancements in color therapy, but we shall never know for sure, as it was it deemed pseudoscience and wiped out by the US federal government who outlawed it and confiscated and destroyed all privately-owned machines were confiscated and under the supervision of US Federal Marshalls. Its creator, Dinshah P. Gadiali was issued a federal indictment and ordered to destroy all of his research materials, thus putting an end to his life’s work and the future of light therapy research.


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