• Climate Change

    Article by Foster Gamble

    How does climate change relate to the banking elite’s effort to transcend national sovereignty, establish global governance and create a global tax to fund their dominance?

    The debate around global warming can be challenging and controversial. It is often presented with extreme allegations on both sides: either human pollution is the cause of all global warming or pollution is just fine and there’s no problem, while we believe neither is the case. There are a variety of potential sources of climate change, each with a myriad of implications. Many scientists believe that geo-engineering in the skies, often referred to as “chemtrails” is having a dire impact on the weather. The Chinese have long-acknowledged weather manipulation, and the link between weather modification and war has been documented as far back as 1812. Others attribute climate change to human pollution in the form of Co2 emissions and still others attribute the change in climate to the natural warming cycle of the sun. Questioning the validity of any of these perspectives tends to ignite hostility, and it is astonishing how little open, respectful debate and discussion there is on a topic so impactful in all of our lives. Whatever the source, we at Thrive Movement believe that human caused emissions such as carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, methane from factory farms and nitrous oxide from pesticides and fertilizers must be curtailed. There is no question that they contribute to serious problems, including environmental pollution and health issues such as asthma.  We also consider geo-engineering and the heavy metals now raining down on people and plants present a major threat to our wellbeing as well as our ability to produce healthy food. We also believe that the evidence about the sun’s influence is compelling and needs further open minded inclusion in the discussion. Understanding the cause – or more likely causes – will help us create effective responses. 


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