• Clashes in Paris: Injured by flower petal, riot police officer suffers 15 day temporary disability

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    Article by Le Gorafi translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    Paris, Place de la République - Personal drama played out for young CRS (riot police officer) yesterday as he got seriously injured by a flower petal while opposing overtly peaceful demonstrators.

    At this point it is too early to know exactly what happened, but police headquarters spoke of “scenes of rare violence” involving several flower petals smashed against the officer's helmet and shield. “We believe that a draught drew one petal into his helmet, tickling his nose or eye.

    Either way, the policeman first tried to rub his eye with his truncheon, injuring three fellow officers as well as a dozen protesters in the process before sneezing. “As he sneezed, he fell upon his colleague and the whole column collapsed like dominoes upon a group of demonstrators,” thereby countering rumours of gratuitous attacks against protesters.

    The suspicious bouquet holder was arrested and admitted that he brought the flowers in peaceful protest, acknowledging his responsibility for the terrible tragedy unfolding.

    For the moment, the policeman is being taken care of by hospital services and should remain under medical supervision for seven days.

    His colleagues are still upset and disappointed. “We used to get paving stones thrown at us, now flowers. Cant' you see, all this violence, it's awful,” he sobbed.

    Translated from French by Ey@el
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