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    Video by Sainbury's transcribed by Ey@el

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    The video below is actually a 2015 advert for Sainsbury's superstores in partnership with HarperCollins Children's Books, all profits donated to a charity improving child literacy in the UK. This lovely Christmas story, based on world renowned author and illustrator Judith Kerr's much loved character Mog, promotes certain values that could definitely change the world if only they were applied for real all year long. At a time when we're bound for the ultimate nightmare, where Big Brother is not longer a threat but a reality close at hand — in particular with the sudden rise in laws and actions to criminalise solidarity and mutual assistance towards the poorest (I am not making this up, it's well documented), I thought it's important to keep that in mind even though most would probably like nothing better than to evade the issue into temporary delusion or permanent escape.

    Watch out for the hangover, but have a Merry Christmas anyway!


    Mog's Christmas Calamity

    It was Christmas eve and everyone in the Thomas family was dreaming sweet dreams.
    Nicky and Debbie were dreaming about what Santa would bring them. Mr Thomas was dreaming of a new bat. Mrs Thomas was dreaming of ... something else. Finally of course, we have Mog. Mog was not dreaming sweet dreams. Mog was having a nightmare.

    [In her fitful sleep, Mog's tail caught in some fairy lights which set off a chain of unfortunate events with Mog running out of the house, crossing the road right in front of a firetruck.]

    “Follow that cat!”

    [The firemen followed Mog to the Thomas' house just on time to get the burned turkey out of the oven and prevent a fire.]

    As the neighbours gathered, the fire chief told everyone how Mog had saved the day.

    “She deserves a medal”.

    “I think she's rather have an egg”.

    But there was no egg for Mog.
    There was no Christmas at all. At least that's what they thought. But everyone else thought that if the Thomas's and Mog can't have a Christmas, they can share ours. So that's exactly what they all did.

    “There you go, Mog”.

    Transcribed by Ey@el
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