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    Complementing my Saint Valentine's Day bestiary of soulmates, here is, as promised, the bestiary of “pet peeves” or “scapegoats” (which we call Turk's heads in French) by the same Chinese zodiac experts. A word of caution though (literally and figuratively): use it with a grain of salt.

    If you don't know what your Chinese zodiac sign is, you may find it in the chart provided in my previous article (see Related articles).

    RAT (yang)  GOAT/SHEEP (yin)

    TIGER (yang) SNAKE (yin)

    CAT/HARE (yin) DRAGON (yang)

    OX/BUFFFALO (yin) HORSE (yang)

    MONKEY (yang) PIG/BOAR (yin)

     DOG (yang)  ROOSTER (yin) 

    Tigers are requested to refrain from posting comments owing to their karmic incompatibility with snakes of which I am. However, monkeys are more than welcome. Ha! Ha!


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