• Chinese Facebook For The Year of The Rooster (2)

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    Horse: Truth is you always have something funny to say
    but rarely ever sensible. Seriously, stop braying rubbish!

    Sheep: Easily worked up over the slightest thing, you're a total
    bundle of nerves. Watch out, you're treading a dangerous line!

    Monkey: You're getting your mind polluted living in such an
    unhealthy environment. Do not hide behind some smokescreen!

    Rooster: Why would everyone want to take you home to
    roost? Paranoia and nitpicking, the hell with it, lighten up!

    Dog: Too much brooding keeps you from making
    the most of life. Come on, drop that hangdog look!

    Pig: A fun lover and eternal optimistic, you do know how to enjoy
    the blessings of life without ever losing ground. So far so good!


    NOTE: These horoscopes are pure fantasy. Therefore any self-fulfilling prediction would be totally coincidental.

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