• Chinese Facebook For The Year of The Rooster (1)

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    Rat: You should know better than to hide behind the writings of
    others. Don't be such a bookworm, live your own story!

    Ox: Never mind which way the wind blows, you'll keep on with
    what's in your head. Stop looking the other way!

    Tiger: Behind that cold face of yours burns a charcoal fire.
    Unleash the great beast within you, break the ice!

    Rabbit: By treating life as a joke, ultimately the joke might be on
    you and make an unhappy fool of you. Stop kidding around !

    Dragon: Again, that inflammatory disposition of yours might
    spark things off. You'd better learn to keep your cool!

    Snake: Highly flexible and adaptable, you'll thread your way through
    anything to good effect. Love's in the air as the song goes!


    To be continued: more signs tomorrow...


    NOTE: These horoscopes are pure fantasy. Therefore any self-fulfilling prediction would be totally coincidental.

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