• Children get angry after publication of cartoons deemed offensive to Santa

    Article by Le Gorafi translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    OSLO - The news prompted quick reactions. The publication by an Iranian newspaper of cartoons mocking Santa Claus instantly angered many children in European countries, including Norway and Finland who found these caricatures offensive as they ridicule Santa mostly regarded as a very nice and unblemished character.

    Dozens of children took the streets of Oslo in protest, burning copies of the newspaper where the cartoons appeared. “Santa is a nice person, he must not be portrayed this way” claimed 8 year ½ old Leïa to a crowd of very upset kids, the ire of whom is directed at the Iranian newspaper responsible for this infantile outbreak of violence. Dozens of cartoons showing Santa exploiting his elves, bringing the wrong presents, or making friend with capitalists. In one drawing, his red hat has even been replaced with an Amazon hat with a sleigh full of dollar bills.

    The ultimate provocation for these kids who claim that a central part of their belief has been violated here. “I want this gentleman, who every year distributes thousands of gifts to nice children, to be respected” said 10 year old Soren. “I too was shocked, it's wrong, naughty naughty” added 9 year old Ilda. “Why do grown-ups draw Father Christmas, they believe in him too? I thinked only kids could do that” asked another. Children have called upon the Norwegian government to act accordingly and ban the offending publications. Up to now, their request has been denied on the grounds of freedom of expression.

    Other newspapers immediately declared wanting to publish caricatures of Santa in support of the Iranian newspaper. “I think kids should realise that, at some point, you need to grow up, that is” a journalist explained. For his part, one of the child leaders objected that “The villains need to know that should they persist, Santa won't like it and they may not have any Christmas present.

    Translated from French by Ey@el
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