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    Whereas some were languishing in their toilet-papered bunker, sipping bucolic sanitiser while listening to AchtungTV or FreakFM, others used this time out not to murder it twice but to disobey the diktat of fear and lockdown to allow their creativity to run free with hardly anything.

    Butterfly Frame


    - empty picture frame
    - picture hook
    - paper board
    - white pencil
    - black Canson sheets
    - Patafix


    I got the idea after accidentally smashing the glass of a picture frame. I fixed it on an empty wall above a heater using a hook. Then I searched the Internet for butterfly pictures which I printed at an appropriate size (about 10 cm or 4 inches wide) on paper board (colour doesn't matter) and cut out to turn them into stencils. Using a white pencil, I drew around the shapes on black Canson paper and cut out. Stuck the butterfly with a piece of Patafix in the middle, slightly curving for a 3D effect. Et voilà!

    NOTE: Added some fabric butterflies I already had including two red ones which match perfectly the colour of the fabric carnation and create stylish contrast. You may cut out some butterflies in red Canson (or any other flashy colour) and even draw lines with gold or silver pens to get the same effect. I have arranged some fairy lights inside the frame which I had bought last Christmas (for €1!) for a magical atmosphere at night (see above picture).

    Flower Of Life Table Mat & Coasters


    - cardboard pastry bases
    - glue
    - transparent adhesive film


    Having banned sugar and gluten from my diet, I never buy pastries, but was given some golden cardboard round bases to recycle. The largest is 21 cm (8 inches) wide and the small ones 8 cm (3 inches). Found some flower of life I liked on the web, downloaded it and printed it to cover the cardboard bases. As I wanted to keep a golden border all around, I chose smaller diameter sizes.

    Once cut out and glued, I covered them with plastic film for protection and waterproofing. These flower of life coasters will be as efficient as any costly artefact you may buy online to energise anything you place on them. For those who don't believe in sacred geometry, the aesthetic of this perfect shape is a good reason enough to want to use it to decorate your home. It sure is eye candy and raises vibrations.

    To be continued... have fun being creative!


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