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    Since last Sunday the Eklablog platform continues to face serious issues in displaying graphic and navigational elements. I, for my part, cannot add any pictures to my articles (the picture below is hosted on a different platform).

    As explained by our tech team, “on 26th October 2015, we began migrating every file on the platform to a new storage cluster for further expansion of this storage facility and mainly to replace ageing machinery (with a goal of replacing them before they break).

    In the meantime, during the night servers suffered a denial of service attack which made matters much worse for our web host who briefs us on an ongoing basis to keep us up to date on what is happening. Last, they said the cluster is expected to be operational tonight (do not ask me what a storage cluster is, I have no clue).

    This implies we'll just have to wait until the issue is sorted out and I suggest, you dear readers, come again later so as to have full access to all texts and graphics without annoying slowdown. Please, bear in mind the situation is equally inconvenient to me.

    See you later,


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