• Bring On The Night

    Music & lyrics by Jim Guthrie

    As I was just saying yesterday and as I often say and will again, I love the night. The night and the stars have always been sources of inspiration and fascination for me. Into either darkness or moonlight, everything takes on a whole new dimension both so mysterious, ominous and exciting. A whole world wakes up while another falls asleep. At night, all polarities are reversed. Every limit, every boundary gets obscured, and oddly enough, everything becomes clearer. This wonderful song by Jim Guthrie is sheer bliss to me. It's so exhilarating I'd nearly play it for hours. I know I'm not the only one and hope it'll be the case for you as well. At least, those of you who've never been curious enough to listen to the playlist of the Soft Spots section (available on every page of this blog) which features an alternative version of this track by Tom Batista (see Related articles) whom I'd like to thank for introducing me to this song and also because his cover is even better than the original, especially vocal-wise. One can really feel how much these lyrics mean to him.

    For information, Jim Guthrie, the original singer and songwriter is a Canadian musician from Toronto. In the course of his twenty-year career, he's recorded about as many albums with three different bands and as a solo artist. He's also composed music for TV ads and video games , and has scored multiple films.


    Drawn into this mystery
    Another sunset
    Let darkness wash over me
    Starry wonder

    Try to
    Find you
    Close by
    Moon sky
    Comes back
    To you

    Anticipation grows
    As the day turns tomorrow
    Into the great unknown
    Get lost
    When the sun don't shine
    What's yours
    What's mine
    Find out
    What we already knew
    We like darkness
    Dark blue

    © Jim Guthrie, 2013

    Cover version by Tomas Batista

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