• Brainstorming with Tarot Cards: Four Easy Ways to Get Your Ideas Flowing

    Article by Nikki Harper

    So, you have a problem and you can’t for the life of you find a solution. Or you’re trying to come up with a new idea – for business, for a gift, for a creative project – and your mind is blank. Did you know that tarot cards can be very useful brainstorming tools? What’s more, you don’t have to be an expert tarot reader – or indeed, know anything at all about tarot – to use tarot to brainstorm. Here are four ways to be inspired by the tarot, three of which can be used by complete beginners.

    1. Symbology: The Clues are in the Pictures

    Tarot cards in most decks are rich in symbolism. Everything from the colors to the landscapes, via the objects, animals, clothes, numbers, plants and the weather – all of these things have been deliberately placed into the card by the artist.

    To brainstorm using symbology, shuffle the deck and draw a card at random. Put aside any knowledge you have of the card’s traditional meaning. Look very closely at the card – what can you see? Write down every element of the picture, and next to that element write down what the symbology of this means to you. If you see a rabbit, do you think of spring or out of control expansion? If you see rain, do you think of misery and sadness or do you think of cleansing and refreshing? If there is a building, does it seem mystical, authoritarian or welcoming?

    If you want help with symbology, you could use a dictionary of symbols, but the most important thing is what each symbol means to you, not what it’s “supposed” to mean. Once you have your list of symbols and meanings, try to apply these to your problem or idea. Draw another couple of cards if necessary, and repeat.


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