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    Let's play cops and robbers ! As I was clearing the clutter in my drawers, I found a couple of old press cuttings from British papers dating back to circa 2000 that I didn't know I still had. So I took it as a sign that I should share these odd reports with you. Please note these are no jokes but GENUINE stories (no joke at Belgian people's expense here since only the French would understand though I know our friends from Belgium do also have their own stories about us silly Gallics so I guess that makes us even).

    The Trouble with Mr. Bean

    ENGLAND - A policeman knocked himself out after mistaking his reflection in a mirror for a burglar. He was searching a menswear shop after an alarm went off at night when he saw the image. The officer, who has not been named, called for assistance before rugby-tackling the shadowy figure. He hit the full-length mirror head-first and was semi-conscious when fellow officers arrived at the shop in Wirral, Mersey side. He ws treated for his injuries and made a full recovery.

    WALES - Six Belgian-trained police dogs, bought by the South Wales force for £2,000 each, must now learn commands in English and Welsh.

    Sergeant Schultz

    PADERBORN (GERMANY) - A bungling robber who tried to hide his gun in his back pocket when he spotted a cop in a bank in Paderborn, Germany, shot himself in the bum.

    MUNICH - Two men who robbed a security van of £35,000 in Munich were arrested after the raid was filmed by 23 camera-crazy Japanese tourists.

    The Dukes of Hazzard

    SPRINGFIELD (MISSOURI, USA) - Thief Donald Rikker was tracked down by cops after his artificial eye fell out as he was running away from a burglary in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

    Unrelated but funny

    BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA) - A farmer placed an ad in a lonely hearts column in Brisbane, Australia, pleading: "Farmer seeks lady with own tractor. Please enclose photo of tractor."


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