• Between Twilight And Dawn

    Graphic by Ey@el

    Original en français

    The reason I'm posing as a dumb blonde babe hyped up on some romance book is mostly to be in sync with the clichés of today's news with a government high on crack who wants to roll Tex Avery big style.

    There's Manu and Castex
    There's Castex and Manu
    When the virus comes out
    They got plenty of tricks
    Cataclysmic plans
    To shut businesses down
    They're going off the rails
    And we serve as guinea pigs
    Bye bye bye...

    They're on the pipe
    They're taking us for a ride
    And because of their blunders
    It doesn't look good

    There's Manu and Castex
    There's Castex and Manu
    With very complex measures
    Leaving us quite puzzled
    They've been so smart
    At handling this health crisis
    What a  mess
    And we serve as guinea pigs
    Bye bye bye...

    ♫ "Manu et Castex" (Minus & Cortex)", Ingrid Courrèges (2020)

    You may say that besides the domino mask and the owl's eyes, you don't really see the connection. Actually, with all these events on the calendar every other day, I tried to pack the Chinese New Year with Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras altogether — let's see if you can find the references. Besides, I'm respecting both clichés, traditions, and mandatory mask in domo.

    Poo poo pi doo!


    P.S.: Heck! Sugar! Drat! Pancakes hit the roof and won't come down. Never mind, we'll have some wafers instead...

    Notes et références

    • ^ This is a spoof of an Animaniacs song where Manu and Castex stand for Pinky and the Brain aka Emmanuel Macron (French president) and Jean Castex (French prime minister).
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