• Be My Enemy

    Music & lyrics by The Waterboys

    A timely track by the Waterboys to entertain the paranoia and avenging frenzy right after my latest post about karmic enemies! I don't know the backstory behind these lyrics, but the whole song works great wonders as a brilliant exutory on any kind of frustration a human being can possibly endure. Some spiteful words all fuelled by rage and fury, majestically penned by Mike Scott, the passionate rebel. This one goes out to a friend who is currently going through a rough ride. I hope its liberating power lifts his spirits like it does mine and yours. “Big music” from a still little-known band by mainstream audiences (see Related articles).


    Well the dawn it is howlin' and the main frame shakes.
    I feel like I've been sleeping in a cellarful of snakes.
    My wings have been clipped and my shoes have been stuck with glue.
    Well if you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too.

    I've got goons on my landing, thieves on my trail,
    Nazis on my telephone willing me to fail.
    They were all sent by somebody — obviously you!
    If you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too.

    I've got a bucketful of Babylon, I've got a handful of lead.
    I'm gonna put them in a gun, man and point it at your head
    Because you stole all of my friends and you gave me the buffalo blues.
    If you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too.

    From the slime on your tongue to the nails on your toes,
    From the scales on your skin to the stains on your clothes,
    You're gonna make me have to do something that I do not want to do,
    But if you will be my enemy I'll be your enemy too.

    My hands are tied, I'm nailed to the floor.
    I feel like I'm knocking on the unknown door.
    A gun at my back, a blade at my throat,
    I keep on finding hate mail in the pockets of my coat.
    I've been trying to grow, I've been cooling my heels,
    I've been working in the city, I've been working in the fields,
    And I can't get to sleep and I can't catch my breath.
    I can't stop talking and I look like death.
    But I will put right this Disgrace — I will rearrange you!
    'cause if you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too.
    If you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too —
    Be my enemy !

    © Mike Scott, 1985

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