• Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Vs. Reality

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    Right after Polaroid Android, your summer series intended as an ironic rereference to Instagram (and not just the dumbing down series broacast on TV during the summer holidays), here is a short silent but very suggestive video expressing the unease created and propagated by social media especially photo and video sharing platforms such as Instagram where some people literally and figuratively became image pros. Not only are you shown selected details taken out of context as demonstrated by the various scenes on the video, but everything is Photoshopped, prepared, simulated.

    These are not instant snapshots. Yet, social conditioning and the need to be accepted by your peers mean that even though no one is really fooled, we still consent to this game and end up going along with it.

    This is an insidious game that can be extremely damaging to your self-esteem by increasing the gap between what you eyes can see in the mirror and what is projected on your screen. Physical reality vs. virtual reality. Can't you see what would be the next “natural” (this is irony) step?

    From being incarnated into organic matter your conscience would end up trapped forever into inorganic material via microchips and other implants designed to make you superhuman which they'll first try to sell you before making them mandatory. I really hate to lower your spirits or scare you, but you absolutely need to understand there is no pros and cons to transhumanism. It's just NO WAY!

    Such a choice would have irreversible consequences not just for the length of your current physical lifespan for you'd become immortal and death would no longer provide a way out. Why do you think they made the vampire myth so popular? This is the idea, but the Instagram way. Hell presented as Heaven. As Dumbledore told Lord Voldemort, “There are things much worse than death”. Now is the time to wake up, no matter what urgent business you have to do. There is NOTHING more urgent than this.


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