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    Just as I thought I was over with my series of Ant Movie Catalog tutorials, I had to create yet another catalog to list and organise all my herbal formulae and homemade cosmetic recipes and manage my ever increasing stock of natural ingredients and essential oils, keep track of the "best before" dates, quantities, prices, etc. I thought it might be of interest to some of you, so here it is.

    HTML Template

    Here is the HTML template I have designed to display my natural ingredient/recipe stock in HTML mode.

    Download my HTML template

    Just unzip folder contents in your catalog folder where you also keep your scripts, pictures, etc. Select Eyael-Cosmetics in the Display - HTML Template menu but do not forget to select the HTLM display mode first to get it to work! Next we'll see how to use and edit depending on your preference.

    This template uses an HTML file in which you may add/delete/edit all the fields you wish to display, as well as colors, metrics, fonts and various formatting plus associated graphics.

    Catalog setup

    See movie tutorial: Ant Movie Catalog (1): Catalog setup and management.

    Custom fields

    For such a catalog, I thought it'd be more convenient to use custom fields only. To add custom fields, please refer to the following tutorials : Ant Movie Catalog (2): HTML display template.

    Below is the list of the custom fields you'll need along with their number on the above capture (in red), tag, name and type you'll have to enter. You may of course rearrange and rename them according as you wish.

    Tag: Product
    Name: Product
    Type: String
    Tag: Status
    Name: In stock
    Type: Boolean
    Check the box (true) for items in stock. In HTML display mode, this field will show as fake checkbox accordingly on the left end of the title.
    Tag: INCI
    Name: INCI
    Type: String
    INCI = International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients
    Tag: ExpDate
    Name: Best before
    Type: Date
    Tag: Supplier
    Name: Source
    Type: List
    I use this field both for suppliers and websites where I pick up recipes.
    Tag: Code
    Name: Ref.
    Type: String
    Useful when you need to reorder a product from your supplier.
    Tag: Price
    Name: Price
    Type: Real (2 decimals)
    Extension : Your currency unit
    Change extension according to your currency or ignore it if you buy from various countries.
    Tag: Quantity
    Name: Quantity
    Type: Integer
    Tag: Unit
    Name:      Unit
    Type: List
    Tag: SupplierURL
    Name: Site
    Type: URL
    Same comment as for field #5.
    Tag: Grade
    Name: Grade
    Type: Integer

    This field to evaluate the level of difficulty of recipes (0 by default, 1 beginner, 2 average, 3 expert). Since the HTML template will display stars, this field must never be empty or you'll end up with a missing image (however if you choose 0 as default value, this won't happen).
    Tag : Type
    Name : Type
    Type : Liste

    My categories are organised into three major groups : comestic ingredients, natural extracts, and recipes.
    Tag: Cat
    Name: Category
    Type: List

    Some of the categories I use: cosmetic formulae, aromatherapy formulae, essential oils, dried plants, natural pigments, cosmetic ingredients, vegetal oils and butters, clays, etc.
    Tag: Dosage
    Name: Dosage
    Type: Text
    The fields is for the list of ingredients in recipes but is sometime used to display recommended dosage for some ingredients.
    Tag : LabelDoses
    Name : Doses without a scale
    Type : Text
    I only use the label of this field for aesthetic purposes. This way I can move it on top of the following field rather than on the left side by default. You must reduce the field size toward the left with the cursor to make it invisible.
    Tag: Doses
    Name: Doses
    Type: Text

    As mentioned above, I do not display the label of this field. This trick is achieved by adding blank spaces in its name and resizing it accordingly. If it's easier for you, just skip #14 and use #15 normally as you would with any field and accompanying label. I use it for weight equivalents of my various ingredients using measuring spoons.
    Tag: Details
    Name: Details
    Type: Text


    In this template, I've added a line to add an extra picture under the Dosage field to display colour palettes for natural pigments, but you may discard if you don't need it. The label of this extra pic will have to be Media to be displayed. For more details on how to proceed, see Ant Movie Catalog (3): How to use extras.


    See movie tutorial: Ant Movie Catalog (2): HTML display template.

    You may use the same colours as the movie HTML template if you like.


    Reproduction of the above contents is strictly prohibited.
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com. All rights reserved.

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    Thursday 1st December 2016 at 20:45

    Many thanks for you sisters to sharing with us this wonderful information about the management of our cosmetics.

      • Thursday 1st December 2016 at 22:44

        Your welcome!

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