• Ant Movie Catalog (6): Manage your book collection

    Article by Ey@el

    As mentioned previously, I also use AMC to manage other collectibles such as music. This new tutorial will provide you tips to organise your book collection.

    HTML Template

    Below is the HTML template I have designed to display my book collection in HTML mode.

    It was previously available on AMC's forum but you may download it here with a few corrected bugs.

    Download my HTML template

    Just unzip folder contents in your catalog folder where you also keep your scripts, pictures, etc. Select Eyael-Books-EN in the Display - HTML Template menu but do not forget to select the HTLM display mode first to get it to work! Next we'll see how to use and edit depending on your preference.

    This template uses an HTML file in which you may add/delete/edit all the fields you wish to display, as well as colors, metrics, fonts and various formatting plus associated graphics. For legal reasons I cannot enclose the picture used as background image but it is okay to provide a link to the original site where I've found it. Make sure you rename it bg.jpg and paste it in the same file as the unzipped archive.

    Download background image

    Catalog setup

    See movie tutorial: Ant Movie Catalog (1): Catalog setup and management.

    Custom fields and extras

    To add custom fields and extras, please refer to the following tutorials : Ant Movie Catalog (2): HTML display template and Ant Movie Catalog (3): How to use extras.

    Below is the list of the custom fields and extras you'll need along with their number on the above capture (in red), tag, name and type you'll have to enter.

    Tag: Status
    Name: To read
    Type : Boolean
    Check the box (true) for books you haven't read. In HTML display mode, this field will show as a magnifier icon (coloured if checked, greyed if unchecked) on the left end of the title.
    Tag: AlternateTitle
    Name: Alternate title
    Type: String
    For books in the same language released under a different title.
    Tag: Translator
    Name: Translator
    Type: String
    Tag: MediaUnit
    Name: U (it's a trick so that this label won't show after you resize it as show on the above capture)
    Type: List
    The two possible values for this fields are: pages and size (MB). Actually, I use this field as a "dynamic label". Let me explain: for standard books you need to select "pages"; for electronic books, you need to select "size (MB)". This field works along with default fields R (Size) and S (Quantity). If your book is on a physical media (paper), you need to leave the Size field empty whereas you need to enter its size if it's on digital media format such as PDF, EPUB, CBZ, etc. The actual principle is to display the number of pages when book is on physical media and its size when it's on digital media.
    4 extras for book illustration (you may add some more if your have a wider screen).

    Tag (must be different for each picture) : Pix1, Pix2, Pix3, Pix4, etc.

    Picture: Browse for the desired picture exactly like you would do with the default music picture feature. you may either choose any size you want or override their dimensions. For that, you need to edit the template (right click on the HTML page then choose "Edit") and copy-paste the following code just above the  </style> tag:

    .extra img {width="120px; height="85px"}

    In the above example, all stills will have this size on screen whatever their original size is. When you click on them, they will be display correctly though. If all your stills have the same ratio, you may only edit the width (or height) otherwise some pictures may look slightly distorted.

    All the other custom fields I have added are used to group and sort movies in list mode.

    Default fields

    Below is the list of the default fields you'll need to fill in to get the most from this template which have been tagged with blue letters. Some label may differ whether you use my alternative language file or not. It doesn't matter much since the template use the coded names which unlike custom fields cannot be edited. Just refer to their position to recognise them since that too cannot be changed.

    Note: If you use scripts to retrieve movie details on the Internet, you may have to edit my HTML file to keep the same fields as your script. You'll find a detailed list of all default fields in the help file.

    General specifications:

    The media label field will display icons with the exact same name as the content of the field (which is how it works for any field you wish to display in graphic form). The image extension is defined in the HTML file. In this case, it must be PNG. A few icons are provided: EPUB, PDF, CBZ and a few blank icons for standard book various formats such as paperback, hardcover, magazine, leaflet, etc.
    Producer has been changed into Publisher.
    The Category label has been turned into a subcategory called Genre because I have named another field "Category" and I needed more space for genres !
    Certification has been changed into Category (see previous field). For instance: Fiction, Non fiction
    Used to link to a ebook to read it when browsing your catalog.


    See movie tutorial: Movie Catalog (2): HTML display template.

    You may use the same colours as the movie HTML template if you like.


    Reproduction of the above contents is strictly prohibited.
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com. All rights reserved.

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