• Ant Movie Catalog (3): How to use extras

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    The third part of the tutorial will teach you how to use extras — this new features has been introduced with version 4.2.0 and allows you to store any additional material you wish that is related to a movie and group them per category such as posters, fanart, stills, actors, trailers, videos, etc.

    How to add an extra

    To add an extra to a movie, I find the most convenient way is to display the extras panl on the right by clicking on the associated button on the toolbar (click on this same button to hide it). Next, right-click anywhere in this panel to select it then right click to get the contextual menu and click on "Add". A blank picture will be displayed in the panel. Double click on it to edit it.

    To copy an extra (for instance, you may have several movie on the same media or boxset), just select the desired extra, right click and select "Copy". Next, select the movie you wish to add this extra to (in the left panel) then activate the right panel, right click and select "Paste". You may repeat this operation for several movies and you do not need to copy every time, just paste. You may as well copy and paste several extras from the same movie at once by pressing the CTRL key while you select the items to copy.

    How to edit an extra

    On the capture below, all fields used in my HTML template have been tagged with a red number.

    1. Tag

    This field is very important as it is the unique ID of your extra. There can only be one tag labeled this way in any one movie and you must spell it correctly. My HTML template uses 5 different tags: Media for the boxset or case packaging (as show at the bottom of left column on this capture) and Pix1, Pix2, Pix3, Pix4 for movie stills (first row on right column).

    2. Description

    Please note I have added a blank line above the typed description so that it's displayed correctly.


    This is a trick to get a separator at the bottom of the field for the Media extra only. Thus when no Media extra is attached you won't have a double separator. Leave this field blank for other extras (Pix1-4) and copy-paste the code below for the Media extra:

    <tr valign="top"><td class="separator" colspan="2"></td></tr>

    4. Picture

    This one is very simple: you browse for the desired picture exactly like you would do with the default movie picture feature. This template overrides the original dimensions of your picture (ratio is respected) so it doesn't matter how big they are, they'll come out as 136px in height. However, for stills you may either choose any size you want or override their dimensions. For that, you need to edit the template (right click on the HTML page then "Edit") and add the following code just above the >/ style > tag:

    .extra img {width="120px; height="85px"}

    In the above example, all stills will have this size on screen whatever their original size is. When you click on them, they will be display correctly though. If all your stills have the same ratio, you may only edit the width (or height) otherwise some pictures may look slightly distorted.

    5. URL

    You may use this field to link to a website featuring stills related to your movie or to a local image folder on your computer. I do not use this field for the Media extra.

    6. Title

    I use this field for the Media extra only since I have many films sharing the same media/boxset.


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