• AMI, The Child of the Stars

    Excerpt from novel by Enrique Barrios

    A relentless world traveller, in August 1985, Chilean author Enrique Barrios experienced a UFO encounter which had a profound impact on him and inspired this spiritual story for (inner) children. Through AMI, a child from a distant galaxy, he conveys a message of hope on the possibility of transforming our planet, bringing its people together under the fundamental universal law of Love. Originally written in Spanish, this book was such a bestseller, it became part of a trilogy. Though no longer published, it is now available in free distribution in PDF form. You may also find audio versions on YouTube.


    Easy for simple souls, I mean; because if we talk about this subject with a man of old spirit he will go away with complicated and intellectual theories that will entangle him and then at the end of the day, will turn us away from God. What happened is that in this planet we are half twisted inside, that is why it is difficult for us to comprehend simple things. It is the same regarding the management of this world.

    I travelled to Ofir, an advanced world and also to others. This way I knew that the advanced civilisations of the Universe share everything with Love, as if they are one grand planetary family. Simple. And as a result, it seemed like a permanent festival because everyone was content. But here one comes out to the street and sees a happy face and hundred faces of vinegar. And almost everyone thinks that their problems would be solved with money, but meanwhile the richer a place is, the more vinegar and stone faces.

    What happens is that the material is only “the part that is outside”, but happiness has to do with “the part that is inside”, and that in turn has to do with Love. This is exactly the principle guide of the worlds much advanced than ours, Love; because of this, their life is seen from the perspective of one “we”, while here the only thing important is “I”. Selfishness is our natural behaviour and from there comes our way of life, driven by the old and cruel “engine” of this “civilisation”, the famous “competitiveness”, which is no more or less than the prehistoric “law of the jungle”, expressed in elegant words.

    But the advanced worlds are not prehistoric any more. There they do not compete, there they share.

    Due to that and other reasons, the cosmic civilisations consider that our humanity is still not civilised or evolved. For these people, we are a very primitive species, although we consider ourselves “modern” (people of the year 1200 and all times have been considered to be equal). And we cannot comprehend that the crews of those silent ships which are seen with increasing frequency possess a technology we have not even been able to reach yet and the do not consider us to be worthy of first contact.

    Well, the professors of the universities are not going to begin contact with the savages of the forests either, why? To send them instructors? Of course they would be hunted down with poisonous darts. It is better to leave them some books with illustrations easier to understand, with the ABCs of what they want to teach them. Another example: If you are going to visit a dangerous criminal, he is going to think that you support him. And if you are going to tell him that his conduct is not right, better go with a bulletproof vest. Also it will be useless, because he knows very well what he does. In this case also it is better to leave some books close by (and do not forget to put in them bullets and dangers, many anxieties, hared and sadness, because if not, he will get bored and throw away the book).

    But despite all the darkness and hardness of this uncivilised world, which because of living in prehistoric times still does not respect nor sense what Love is in reality, Ami says that I have to live with happiness, with good vibrations towards all including towards the scientists who are dedicated to inventing new weapons, or towards those who destroy the environment (he believes that it is so easy to Love certain humanoids). According to him, those “benefactors of mankind” (I would put them into prisons so that they would not do more damage) are not that bad but that they are ignorant. Due to this, the solution is not to fight; the remedy is not in wiping off the map neither in imprisoning none (unfortunately), but to teach, to help change the mind and the heart, at least of the young ones, whom we still can change (Now I realize, “adult” and “adulterated” have the same root). I say that we can become different and lead the world of another form more human some day, but it is not certain because the school does not teach us to be better people.

    Our education is not oriented towards “the inner part”, but towards the outside; for this reason, almost the only thing we do is to memorize information, and not really the information that will take us to happiness or that will make us understand the greater meaning of life. Accumulating information on the outside does not change anything inside, not in the profound sense.

    And instead of stimulating us to be in solidarity, it encourages us to be more competitive, and that means to try to win over others in everything, to turn others into puree, to squash them, to stamp over them. That is our formal philosophy, moral and ethical reality. We dress better than before, on the outside, and walk with cell phones. But inside, from the caves to this day not much has changed.

    In this scenario, I do not see our generation doing anything differently. Or will it be?

    Excerpt from AMI, Internal Civilizations © Enrique Barrios, 1997

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