• American Privilege

    Article by Caitlin Johnstone

    In order to prevent any potential misunderstanding, I would like to make it clear that I absolutely do NOT hate American people. This statement is mostly meant for the occasional reader who might have ended here after clicking on a link, for all the people who follow me from the land of Uncle Sam (according to stats you are many and I thank you for that) certainly have figured it out for themselves already. Neither does being critical of the genocidal policy of Israel make an anti-Semite out of me, even though a bunch of self-appointed morons might say so. Usually, the argument of having a GI great-uncle and an Hebrew name is enough to calm moods (that just shows how that is). But as regards hopeless cases, I'm totally helpless. Sorry, not vibrating at the same frequency range.

    Following the Israeli model for blocking entry of anyone who can even be broadly construed as supporting a boycott, the United States now also believes it should deny admittance to anyone who is critical of US government policy, which is a reversal of previous policy that considered political opinions to be off-limits for visa denial. DHS, acting in response to pressure from the White House, now believes it can adequately determine hostile intent from the totality of what appears on one’s phone or laptop, even if the material in question was clearly not put on the device by the owner. In other words, if a traveler has an email sent to him or her by someone else that complains about behavior by the United States government, he or she is responsible for that content. (Source)

    Then if I don't get a ban for life — and the next ones...


    American liberals and progressives talk a bit about white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege etc, but one thing I never hear them talk about is American privilege: the ability their nationality gives them to have a relationship with this world that the rest of us do not have.

    American privilege is reassuring yourself that there are problems enough at home without worrying about the trillions your government’s war machine is spending terrorizing the world and encircling the planet with military bases.

    American privilege is reluctantly allowing the potential Commanders-in-Chief to have an eight-minute conversation about foreign policy in your presidential primary debates, when your country’s military policy functionally dictates the affairs of rest of the world.


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