• All This Surveillance To Stop ‘Terrorism’? No, To Stop US

    Video by David Icke

    The following is an excerpt from David Icke's latest videocast I felt I had to repost here as it is a matter of utmost importance. Simply, I'm sick and enraged at the very idea that one day I — we might end up being controlled like robots. Fortunately, there are things far beyond the understanding — and thus out of reach — of these psychos in their folly exceeding by far whatever we poor humans in our “normality” may imagine yet. No matter how often we talk about it, this is no longer science-fiction. This is the reality that is being created before our very eyes. Let it be said: the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

    It's just an excerpt that only scratches the surface of everything, still it speaks for itself, providing food for thoughts and encouraging you to research the issues raised here, especially smart dust. I, for certain, was appalled by the little I read and saw on the web (and yet, it has been fifteen years since I swallowed the red pill). Could it be that Philip Pullman gained visionary momentum when referring to that mysterious “dust” (a strange, seemingly intelligent elementary particle) in His Dark Materials trilogy (title borrowed from Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost" but published as The Golden Compass in North America)? And wouldn't the secretive “oblation” experiments in the Far North — attempting to separate people from their “dæmons” (the animal embodiments of their inner-selves) in order to make them impervious to Dust — all related to this dehumanisation agenda?


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