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    The Adolescent Crisis of Humanity

    We have been conditioned not to listen to ourselves and so, at some point, it's just like a teenager rebelling and saying: "I have the right to approach life the way I do because you told me the way it is, but when I was born it was already set up and do I agree with that? Nobody ever asked me!" Thus it's a bit as if we were experiencing the adolescent years of humanity, and humanity needs to become its own parents now.

    It's in our mental expression too as we clearly see the mental tribulations — some mental inconsistencies are just mind-blowing. It's getting really urgent now to connect heart and mind because it crosses the line.

    And there's also an emotional crisis where you go: "Hey, wait a minute!" There, you need to understand that you are totally conditioned by your emotions which, although well appropriate, may restrain, drain and wear you off. So these emotions are totally appropriate, but do look at the big picture. Not for others but for your own sake. So that you may be able to regenerate your cells and your whole vibration to go beyond and see clearly the path you are going to engage in with yourself.

    So humanity is still experiencing an adolescent crisis. But it's wonderful to be at this stage now, because prior to this, we were nice little pupils attending school and now we have reached our teen years. And it's great because just like during a proper adolescent crisis, a real transmutation is taking place at every level. A teenager will become aware of himself. He will try to find out who he is and then his voice also mutates, which is symbolically awesome.

    Actually, at this precise point, the energies converging within free him from his parents and that's how he also changes physically. Although he has been created by his mother and father, upon puberty his own energies are going to create his aura and he will change. Hence the reason why at some point teenagers may not look like much (awkward years) as their energy needs to infuse. Thus he needs to find how to harmonise what he used to be with what he is now, reconcile both so as to reveal who he is and present his new face to the world.

    Well, that's exactly what's happening right now.

    To the projections of what others want him to be at school, at home, in his family, in sports, he finally says: "I've had enough of being told who I have to be, I want to just be". And so here we are in that wonderful period adolescence is and it's great because we know what comes next.

    Adolescence is very short. It's very intense, and what comes next is stability. We reconnect and discover ourselves and it's all about joy and no more frustration. Right now we are still in the teenage/frustration years but it won't last since after that comes the rebirth of every human being who will have journeyed to where they need to be. It may be here or elsewhere, but it doesn't matter because it will be perfectly adjusted to who they are.

    How to Be in Touch with Yourself

    I think right now we must assume that we know. Lately I've noted that when I'm asked questions I just want to reply: "But deep inside, you know the answer." And that, you need to know!

    Deep inside you know the answer. You need to dispel any doubts because you know. But knowing also makes you feel lonely. It makes you think: "Oh my god, if what I know is true, wow, now I have to own up to that!"

    "Oh my god, if what I feel about this problematic, about my job, my spouse, my children, etc... — and if what I think I know is true... oh my god!"

    Actually, most of the time I know how to listen to myself, but I don't know how to apply it because I'm afraid of the consequences. That is the only barrier for being in touch with yourself.

    Several Waves of Awakening

    When I felt urged to create a blog in my early years, people in the same situation told me: "Thanks god, I am not alone". And, in fact, thanks to the articles I was sharing at the time, people thought: "Phew, she said it. I could have written it myself so for now on I'm owning up to that." So that was the first wave but it was a long time ago.

    Then there was a second wave circa 2014-15 where it was more a heartfelt cry from other people, most of whom have now become practitioners, therapists, teachers... I was checking on a lot on these people. Actually, at the time I needed to provide tools and that's when I created he how-tos for them as they had it all within but just needed to be reminded. It woke them up for the things they had to do afterwards. Now they've all settled down into sublime achievements (I also checked on what happened).

    And lately, the new wave started gently in 2019 as we entered the Phoenix years of profound transformation. Those were to be the first to start to wake up during those years. They were more in a hurry because they were more conditioned, less in touch with themselves, and thus may have felt compelled to make up for lost time.

    That's when I decided to give it all away (everything that was already on my blog) as free tools for there was indeed a perceived urgency in that "don't worry, I have that ready for you so, please, help yourself". This is what I felt at the time.

    Then in 2020 and today in 2021, unity makes strength, which means that these are the people who are the consequences of the other waves i.e. they have created them who have created them. We all influenced one another and today all these influences — not just me, of course, but all the networks which spread in waves, have created a human tide, a wave of reconnection and that's what we're experiencing right now.

    So yes, they are a bit touch-and-go indeed. Some even come and teach you things because they've just opened their eyes a couples of months ago... but at the same time, I think it's great since their energy is huge and infused with extreme goodwill. It's raw energy actually, as it's just been triggered and that's what makes it great. It may be all over the place like young magicians, but it doesn't matter. It will be harnessed and, of course, turn out very useful afterwards.

    Indeed, we are all single pieces of the puzzle and when you look at a puzzle, you can see that not a single piece is the same hence every single piece is important, because if you lose one, the puzzle cannot be completed. It's incomplete. So we really need to look at it this way, regardless of which level you're operating at.

    Some people come to me saying: "I don't know what to do, I don't know how to give, I don't know what to offer the world". In fact, they just can't see that their sole presence fills the job. The very grace emanating from their energy fills the job.

    There are also people who are here to take care of their children. That too is a great job to foster today's children. It's a huge task. Therefore, you should never minimise the impact you have on this world because you may not be aware of it. It's not because you're a public person that you reach more people. That's not true. An hermit (there are some!) will affect the whole world at galactic level and nobody will ever know he stood in his cave.

    Transcribed and translated from French by Ey@el
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