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    You Are Not Alone

    I get messages from people telling me they are standing by themselves, that they are alone; that they don't understand why they feel so lonely; that they see the obvious other people don't see. These are the kind of messages I receive every day.

    I think we need to bear in mind that "many are called but few are chosen" as it doesn't matter whether others do not see; it doesn't matter if you're alone — in fact, you are not alone, you are just not many. Unity makes strength as they say, so know that we are all there, maybe scattered around but we do all reconnect; we do recognise and help each other. And actually that's what we are here for.

    So while in the dark, you need to remember that at another level, we are supported by an amazing team. We are far from being alone. We are so backed and supported, and will always be told which way to go. The only thing we need to do is follow the gate to our heart and stay away from mental tribulations and speculation. Right now, we need to be careful of many warnings as there are people whose role is to alert others. Everyone has a very important role to play in this story.

    So alerting people is great as it shows another spectrum of Truth: "Look at what you're not shown." Then you should be able to ascend to Divine Truth, find release by getting higher. For if you stay within this range of Truth which is evil, you're going to be sad and angry and there will be great unrest by poor and powerless people and I wish them with all my heart to turn inward and find this higher faith.

    Getting Out of the Illusion

    It's hard because we are experiencing grief and will need to move into deep selflessness. We would like some people to remain close but they won't. Sometimes it's loved ones... It's so hard because we are getting out of the illusion, but illusion is everywhere. We have created a world of illusion in which we are totally immersed even though we are awake. And we will need to be able to skim and surf the waves as they come and surrender to what's meant to be.

    Which involves letting go of personal will ("I would like this person to walk with me") and surrender to a higher will, the will of the Creative Source, the great principle of Intelligence within us — we need to access its will because it wants the best for us. Whereas within our personal will, even though we want the best for ourselves, we do not know what it is. When we want something, we think it will make us happy but in truth, we don't know because we don't know ourselves yet. There's a saying that goes: "Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods". Well, we don't know ourselves enough and the more we do, the less we know ourselves!

    The Process of Disidentification

    When you take in information solely from external sources, you're not working in alignment with your soul. Hence whatever I may say that resonates with you is meant for you to hear, and whatever doesn't you need to let go of because it's no use to cling to what doesn't resonate with you.

    You need to dip selectively, depending on where you stand in your journey and follow your faith. For some, it will work instantly because that's all they were actually waiting for. While others will be disappointed because they wanted power. These people cannot hear and they cannot see because their will is too personal — it's more "I want to develop my abilities" instead of "I want to see, I want to Love". When the will comes from the ego and you want to develop to enhance your ego, it never goes your way and you're never going to get the information. Whereas when the will truly comes from the soul to thrive, then it works.

    I have released a card deck recently to trigger intuition and I note that the people who have embraced the inner mechanism for totally loosening up — meaning that you let go completely and your persona doesn't know what's on the cards, when you allow the flow of information which is not coming from you to go through you, then you may see what's on the card. And that's how you can see that the people who did the inner job of letting go do find what's on the cards. And the great thing with intuition is that it's not just a sixth sense. It's the ability to disidentify in favour of the intelligence talking to you. And it's not just there to help you when you need it, but it's actually there all the time.

    We Are Constantly Guided

    We get into the realm of intuition and we figure out that's something to tap into, but in truth, since times immemorial the Earth has been surrounded by benevolent high- frequency illuminated beings who instil ideas, intentions and prayers, and if these entities weren't there, the planet would have already been destroyed.

    Thus you need to know how to get into this unity and that you are constantly guided by entities whose level of Love is almost rapture. And you should not ask them only when you're not okay. Actually, it's when you're feeling good you need to become the hands, arms and tools of this intelligence....

    Love for Freedom  and Happiness

    Only Love can set you free and nothing else. Love is freedom. God as you may call it, or Tao, is freedom. You don't need to ask for anything, just be. There is nothing to expect from those dictating to us since you can only be dictated to if you play that role of being dictated to.

    From the moment when you demand freedom, you are not free. Freedom is a state of being. It's a frequency. And this is the frequency which is setting up on Earth and will resonate within the next civilisation to be created, in the new era. And that's why humanity must now truly realise that freedom is not a society thing. It is not something mankind can manipulate at will nor make conditional. For freedom is unconditional.

    Thus a world in which advanced humans — fulfilled humans are embracing their own freedom, and within this freedom which is Love, every human being is ruled by the Law of One, there is no external authority to represent security or freedom. In such world, there's only a sacred inner authority as the Love authority within each and everyone governs the laws by which humanity lives. This is where we're heading to and what we need to understand. This is also the reason why we are experiencing these challenges.

    At the individual level, you experience things to raise your awareness and it's the same at the collective level. The collective must therefore understand that freedom has always been within ourselves.

    To be continued...

    Transcribed and translated from French by Ey@el
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