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    I am mostly known as Lulumineuse, a username inspired to me when I was young, meaning that every human being has a talking light within. We are not our wordly identity. We are much more than that. And so, this is what I spend most of my time sharing so that every human being may thrive. Incidentally, we are growing in numbers and it's wonderful to share that. The reason why I am known by many is just because I have started doing so at a very young age.

    The Great Collective Ongoing Challenge

    I believe, and I know, that we are really reaching a point where now all teachings need to become applied truths. No more time today to open up books on philosophy and explore. We need to directly assimilate and experience. And that's what is to happen as there is a great collective challenge going on and it's bound to intensify. So, no, it's not drawing to an end for every end contains a beginning, a renewal. And this challenge has just started and the bottleneck is getting increasingly narrower.

    This is not a punishment. This is not some obscure will, since darkness always serves Light. That's why, for instance, Jesus on the Mount of Olives had already mentioned about this period and so did others after him. Because you need to realise that great sages all over the world have incarnated the Word not to prophetise Evil, but simply to awaken souls about a time when they would have to make a choice. Actually the choice is to choose the Self. This is why they need to be aware of their existence and disidentify from the personality they have forged up and into which they have been shaped and cast. You need to know that today, on Earth, a very grim scenario has been set up that we have never been told what for.

    Back to Self-Awareness

    Let me tell you what this has been set up for. Well, from them, it's because when you  have a certain frequency and it's been going this way for a very long time, you are kind of trapped in your frequency. Thus if humans start flourishing too much and if the planet starts flourishing, they won't be able to reincarnate on Earth anymore. So they will lose control on their own incarnations, for these entities know about continued incarnations. They are greatly informed about high-level astrology. They know it will be difficult for them and that they actually won't be able to carry out their control. Hence it's a bit like a desperate measure to try and lower the Earth's frequency, but it's fighting a losing battle.

    This is really what I want to share today because we are indeed moving into very challenging times. In 2022, it will be very tough because of disclosures many do not want to understand. People will be exposed to awful truths and feel rightly let down and betrayed. But it's also the soul's journey to go back to self-awareness, to cosmology, to the Universe orbiting around and within us. And through these great earthquakes, we will eventually be able to harmonise in easy thinking of humanity.

    And so, indeed, the situation is both complex and majestic as the plane of Light has created a scenario to separate souls, not according to their importance but to their differences, so that every soul can find harmony wherever they need to be. It's not like weeding per say. It's more like adjusting the ground for each soul. Besides, we cannot live together on the same planet anymore because of the different frequencies we are the emanation of — the difference between someone expressing much love from within and someone who cannot yet do it, who needs to follow a certain path to upgrade — so everyone will be placed in the proper cradle to pursue their evolution.

    What's happening is deeply awesome and magnificent when seen from within. And it's true that when you see the darkness outside, it may revive fears, resistance, doubts, and evil — not the evil within us for Evil doesn't come from us, but the evil within lack of understanding and ignorance. Evil has no power. As Peter Dunoff said, "Evil uses your own power".

    The Awakening and the Emergence of Truth

    Many awoke over the past two years. Within a year and a half, there has been a new wave of awakening. It's as if a lid had been removed and they could only see the surface for now. For example, they believe that what's going on now is very recent whereas, in fact, it's always been his way. That is, the civilisation we're presently in has been designed by them. It's always been like that. It was already the same mould and meant to be this way.

    This is not the result of a random idea by some entities who came around some twenty years ago and thought "Well...". Not at all. As I told you, they reincarnate from generation to generation thanks to a secret knowledge they had a proper grasp of and are using.

    This is the reason why they burned witches for instance, why astrology was ridiculed and why the greatest scientists acknowledging their spiritual self were dismissed (and still are). All this in order to keep humanity ignorant. But today, humanity is getting out of darkness and all their lies will be exposed. It's all coming to light as the Truth comes out. For the Truth is the Light.

    And when the Light comes out, the Truth does too. And the Truth has multiple layers. At some levels, it is appalling, horrendous, awful, terrible. Whereas on a higher level, in Divine Truth, it's awesome because it has a releasing effect. Souls are being liberated; the Earth is being liberated; and Salvation occurs.

    Thus we need to be very detached from our identity, indeed, to embrace our essence in order to see this lighting scenario in a enlightened way. It does take a lot of courage and from what I'm seeing right now, darkness is clearly setting in but those who will get through it will be guided by their own light and will need to rely on it.

    To be continued...

    Transcribed and translated from French by Ey@el
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