• A Long Way To Go But The Tide Is On The Turn

    Article by David Icke

    There is a bigger picture here and something that I have been talking and writing about since 1990 and my book Truth Vibrations. I met many psychics in that early period as my mind exploded into another sense of reality and many said they were being told to tell me the same thing – that a vibrational change was coming that would wake up the world.

    Or, at least, wake up those who could tune their minds to its frequencies.

    I have called this phenomenon the ‘Truth Vibrations’ ever since because I was told in 1990 how the effect would be to awaken minds entrapped by programmed belief and perception and how all that had been hidden from us would be brought to the surface and put on public view. There was no sign of that nearly a quarter of a century ago, but now look at it.


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