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    Article by Ey@el

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    Today is the first day of September already, marking both the official start of the new school year, the resumption of trouble, and the end of the blog serial which kept you on the edge of your seat throughout August. For those vacationers who missed the whole show when it went on the cyberspace, a replay of the complete season episodes is available using the #Polaroid Android hashtag in the Articles menu.

    Overall, a great success attracting some 6599 visitors in one month on the main blog, that is over twice as much as usual (one more and we had the perfect number).

    The Twitter effect?

    Anyway, thank you very much.

    Bird on a Wire

    As explained earlier in the first instalment entitled "Tweeting", this blog now also has a Twitter account on which you may access more content in several languages as shown on the capture below:

    Click on picture to enlarge

    No need to be a registered user to view my tweets (using the new button under my profile or the Feedback menu) which I won't embed here for for obvious reasons pointed out on many occasions which, therefore, appear unnecessary to repeat.

    In this regard, I'd like to remind you that the sharing links now featured below all new headlines are in no way web bugs, but just HTML code I type into each post to automatically fill Text and URL fields for those who have a Twitter account.

    For Your Eyes Only

    A nice reader told me of his concern with the actual design of this blog. Perhaps his tired eyes from the continuous glare of white backgrounds — both harmful to the environment (maximum power consumption for computer screens) and bad for eyesight — have trouble to adjust quickly to darker settings which are actually designed to reduce eye strain and otherwise perfectly suited to my own eyes which is only fair considering the amount of time I spend on this blog with the sole retribution of doing what I think is right in the best and only way I can. Bearing in mind that you cannot please everyone, nevertheless in an effort to find a workable comprise for whoever cares more about content than form, I queried the Eklablog community for solutions whereupon a lovely resourceful blogger named Stormalo, kindly drew my attention to some overlooked feature of most modern browsers allowing you to disable styles. Here's how it should look like:

    Click on picture to enlarge

    For Firefox, in the menu bar, select View - Page Style - No Style. Same for Internet Explorer (View - Style) and for Chrome and Safari as well, I suppose.

    Firefox users may also install the Read Easily extension providing a toolbar button for a quicker access to this feature.

    A useful reminder for increasing font size is to select View - Zoom or use the following hotkey combination:

    • increase: CTRL +
    • reduce: CTRL -
    • normal: CTRL 0

    Matrix Reloaded

    Now is the time to wish you all a good back-to-school or back-to-work even though a hotter season ahead is to be expected. Worry not, my intent is definitely not to break your spirit. I certainly may have to bring in heavy stuff but never without counterbalancing. You can count on me to always maintain a sense of humour for it's the best antidote in the world along with love. Incidentally, in French, humour an love do make a perfect rhyming pair.


    Reproduction of the above contents is strictly prohibited.
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com. All rights reserved.

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