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    Here is a very simple but useful elegant craft. You may use it for all kinds of notebooks, notepads, binders, photo albums, etc... including textbooks or cookbooks. This fold-up pocket should be glued on the inner front or back cover to store loose sheets, sticky notes, stickers, etc., and anything not to bulgy you want to keep handy.


    - 1-2 sheets of card/thick paper
    - glue stick
    - ruler
    - pencil
    - cutter
    - scissors
    - scrap paper and/or masking tape (optional)


    1. Your card sheet should be twice the size of the inner cover of your book and once folded should cover it entirely minus 1cm on each side. On the diagram below, hatched fills mark the areas that should be cut off and the red dotted line where the sheet should be folded.

    2. Once your sheet is cut and folded, you can either use it as is or decorate the front side with scrap paper or masking tape like I did (I also covered it with transparent film to protect it from wear and tear).

    3. Measure up one side of the pocket from the folded line and use the remaining card sheet (or another) to cut off two 6cm high strip of the same width as the pocket sides that will be used as fan-folded sides. With a pencil and ruler, draw on each strip, three lines running across the width and which should be 1,5cm apart so as to obtain four equal stripes on both strips. With the ruler, use the tip of your scissors to mark the line for easier folding. Then fan fold the two strips.

    4. At this stage, you may decorate the outer side of the fan-folded strips (pictured in grey) with scrap paper or masking tape. Finally, glue each end (in blue) inside the pocket.

    5. Glue the undecorated side of the pocket on the inner cover of your book (the opening should be facing the binding).

    Here is another one I did with a “non-standard” sized notebook with a soft cover.

    Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it didn't look too complex as it was kind of tricky to figure out how to put out the instructions into words and sketches.


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