• A Coming False Flag Targeting The Unvaccinated As Terrorists?

    Article by Madhava Setty

    © David Dees

    A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party.

    Personally, I believe that the majority of world events that have led to conflict were, in fact, false flags. This is the only sensible position to hold because to the vast majority of human beings, war is senseless. Nevertheless, our species has been in near constant conflict with itself for millenia.

    Let’s go back in time a few centuries. If you were an average person living in Europe or Asia, you would have been a peasant, growing food on a piece of land owned by a much smaller class of people: the elite ruling class. Life would have been hard. Hunger and sickness would have been a regular threat. If that weren’t bad enough, the king would regularly send his tax collectors to your doorstep to extract what little wealth you possessed to fund the growth of an army. What interest would you have in building an army when your main concern would have been to feed yourself and your family? Very little, unless there was an imminent threat to your life.

    Now let’s look at it from the king’s point of view. How can you force the poor and hungry to part with what little they have to help you consolidate your authority through an army loyal to you? You could demand payment at sword point, but that would probably lead to an uprising of angry farmers armed with pitchforks. If it didn’t, your popularity would certainly take a blow. How could you convince the population that a bigger army wasn’t just prudent but necessary? How about disguising a few dozen soldiers in the garb of a neighboring kingdom and setting fire to one of your villages? That would be brutal and manipulative but desperate times call for desperate measures, and what better way to create a threat when none exists?


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