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    You may recall all the amazing stories the shapes of clouds in the sky would inspire you as a child. The other day as I was indulging into gazing up at the ozone layer suspiciously free from any (visible) trace of “chemtrails”, I had the opportunity to relish at an unexpected scene: a dark cloud being gobbled up.

    At first, everything was so quiet. A perfect pastoral scene featuring a peaceful flock of bright white cumulus calmly grazing on the blue.  A gentle breeze was tickling their fringe while the sun was modulating their pretty iridescent reflections. Appearing suddenly out of the blue like an emissary of gloom put out by the beautiful harmony, an ominous nimbus set out to break the mood.

    Determined to take over the premises, the arrogant cloud stood right before the sun as if it were attempting to absorb all its light and turn it into some gloomy unhealthy fog. Bravely, the nice lumpy bumpy clouds (not so sheep-like after all) began encircling the big bad one while in turn it grew darker to intimidate them.

    However, its strategy was useless. Unimpressed, the valiant cumulus stood their sky and danced around the filthy one, ultimately not saving the world but I (and a few others) from a gratuitous unwanted shower. The villain was soon stuck into the fray and never got out for the white literally gobbled it up.

    I certainly spin facts for purposes of this story, but I am not making that up and the point of this couldn't be any clearer. Having your head in the clouds may sometimes give you a clear, simple vision of some situations.


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