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    Since I've ruined several pairs of high quality shoes with shoe polish (the fact that some chemical components attack rubber is never mentioned anywhere), I no longer wish to use that expensive toxic junk which is all bad. So in order to stay true to my principles, I've decide once again to do without the industrial rubbish and make my own cheap shoe polish.

    This recipe is very quick and easy to make, is totally odourless except for a faint olive smell which won't stay, and is as efficient at leather stuffing and waterproofing as any industrial counterpart, while being more pleasant to use. And the icing on the cake... it's much cheaper too. I use it with all my shoes and handbags and shall never purchase shoe polish anymore.


    • 10 g shea butter
    • 59 g olive oil
    • 25 g white beewax
    • 2 drops vitamine E

    QSF 100 g


    Melt wax and butter in a double boiler.

    Add oil and vitamine E and mix well.

    Quickly transfer to a jar or recycled shoe polish box while still hot. Put cap on and chill about 60 minutes until hardened.

    Apply like ordinary shoe shine using a rag. Leave to dry a couple of minutes before polishing.

    NOTE: This polish is colourless and suits all types of leather. However, you might wish to revive the colour of your shoes, bags or else, or conceal stains and scratches so you can add 6 g of natural pigments and mix well before transferring to a jar. A few examples: for black polish, you may use activated charcoal powder; for light brown polish, use chesnut powder; for dark brown polish, use walnut stain powder; for white polish, use zinc oxide; for other colours you'll have to mix oxides or micas but you may have to do many trials to obtain your desired colour.

    As the late French humourist Coluche would say, “Some politicians are so desperate to shine in public, they'd be willing to eat shoeshine”. So if you're in this mindset, be aware that this shoeshine is perfectly edible — however it may disagree with your bowels. But it's a case of the biter bit if you like (another of these untranslatable puns that would be too polically incorrect anyway).


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