• 9 Signs You’ve Become a Tool of the Entertainment Industrial Complex

    Editorial by Ey@el and article by Sigmund Fraud

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    I'm well aware that, in many ways, some of my chosen posts/reposts may seem counter-intuitive. Actually, it shouldn't be a surprise when considering the human psyche and the mind-blowing conditioning we are all subject to from the womb and must absolutely find a way to extricate ourselves from in order to win this “war for consciousness”.

    A lengthy but necessary preamble to anticipate potential remarks — that would be totally relevant — regarding previous posts urging you not to compare yourself with others to step out of ego traps. It relates directly to what I'm about to say and may appear to go against such recommendation. So when I stumbled upon this article, I could not help but feel excited to be a part of the combatants and measure how far I have come since... in fact, not so long ago. For admittedly, like many I too had become a tool of the entertainment industry at some point. Never fully but enough not to be too harsh on those who have been totally snatched up (also commonly known as sheeple). It is unfortunately the case with many of my relatives and (ex) friends. To them, I'm crazy, deluded — a black sheep, a witch...

    It hurts like hell to watch them getting their heart and soul eaten up, powerless to interfere. Try and explain to these people that they are exactly like those junkies they despise so much. Any attempt to force them off the hook would be suicide. And in violation of the free will governing this part of the universe. We thus need to find other ways. Because what's the use of shaking ourselves out of apathy if we are to allow this to continue? Why should we be afraid? Once you figure out how the illusion works, you soon realise there is much more to gain than to lose anyway.  A simple mathematical equation. Isn't maths their thing after all?

    The little girl is a warrior
    She plays a dangerous game
    And kao kao bang!

     "Kao Bang", Indochine (1983)

    Although it may seem daunting, who said we had to carry the world on our shoulders? Aren't we an army of spiritual warriors who prefer the snowball effect to forceful methods? Don't get me wrong on the terminology here — language codes that is words are necessary since telepathic blogging is still a long way off. Though, if it wasn't how would those who are just awakening have access to the information as it's been the case for us previously?


    We find ourselves at a critical time in history, on the brink of self-destruction, yet under the spell of so many lies, illusions and false realities. A survey of the actors on stage reveals the shocking truth that so many of the would-be-could-be change-makers out there are absent, sidelined, and simply not present or available for action when we need them most. Instead, so many of us are totally engrossed in entertainment-based lifestyles, substituting games, fantasies and phony arenas for the drama and achievement of real life.

    Where are all the young warriors and radicals out there who won’t stand for the abuse, oppression, surveillance, tyranny, and debt slavery being handed down by older generations? And why do so many young people seem to care not at all about world events, the quality of government, or the future of our society and culture?


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