• 8 Signs You’ve Lost Touch with Your Intuition – and 10 Tips to Help You Reconnect

    Article by Dr Lissa Rankin

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    onor Your Intuition. Here’s How…

    There’s a lot of buzz about the benefits of tuning into your intuition. We know that intuition helps us make spiritually-aligned decisions, protects us from danger, acts as our inner doctor, gives us the heads-up when we are needed by our loved ones, and serves as the unseen world’s secret gateway to the human world, helping us live our best lives.
    But how do you know if you’re tuned in or not? We all have the capacity to listen to our intuition, but sometimes we’re at the mercy of forces that block our ability to interpret our intuition clearly.

    Here are eight signs that your intuition may be blocked, plus ten tips to help you tap into it.


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