• 7 Tips to Make Absolutely SURE Uranus Retrograde Doesn’t Shatter You into Pieces

    Article by Katherine Anne Lee

    According to Alex Myles, August 11th was a key date, hallmarking the end of Jupiter retrograde and the start of Uranus retrograde, closing four months of extremely uncomfortable spiritual growth, detours, blockages and obstacles on your path, being forced to confront painful and hard truths, feeling stuck, travel, finance and career misfortune to begin on five months of unexpected and radical highly positive change, unwillingness to settle for less than you deserve, surprise plot twists, breakthroughs and transformation, major shake-ups, breakups and romance revelations, and welcome reversal of luck, wealth, abundance and fortune.



    It’s that time again… Uranus Retrograde is approaching… Uranus, the planet of disruption, rebellion and downright freakishness is about to turn on its heels and spend the next six months retrograde.

    Uranus Retrograde 2019 Dates:

    • 11 August 2019: Uranus stations retrograde at 6º of Taurus
    • 10 January 2020: Uranus stations direct at 2º of Taurus

    Now before you start panicking, this isn’t like when one of the inner, faster moving planets turn retrograde, this ain’t no Mercury mayhem being let loose! It takes Uranus a mighty 84 years to complete a single orbit around the Sun, so over the next six months, it will only backtrack through a mere four degrees of Taurus (from 6º back to 2º). So this retrograde planet isn’t about to send life into a spin – you won’t end up stranded in LAX for 27 hours, or accidentally max out your credit card buying a home stereo system you can’t return!

    Relax. The astrology of this retrograde is going to be a little bit different…

    Uranus entered the second Zodiac sign of Taurus back in March, and it’s here this great “Awakener” (as it’s been affectionately nicknamed by astrologers for as long as we can remember) will stay until 2026.


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