• 5 Ways To Make The Most of The Incredibly Rare Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31, 2018

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    Within days of its occurrence, you may already have heard of this rare astronomical event through the medias or the internet — and if not yet, now you have! One thing for sure is the impact of the moon in every area of our lives is an undeniable fact and like many people, I find it fascinating and am highly sensitve to its fluctuations, most especially when opposing the sun. It may be because I was born one day prior to a fiery full moon (Aries) empowered by tight aspects to Mars, Jupiter, True Dark Lilith and the lunar nodes: a great potential of fully charged emotions ruled by impulsiveness, capable of the best and the worse — now and then a day-to-day challenge especially in my dealings with my mother and women in general. I certainly owe my wild imagination to this high-powered energy as well as my gift for empathy and everything that comes along with it. Sometimes, being able to feel other people's emotions and read them like open books can become untolerable especially if you don't have the material possibility to withdraw. The upside is I can gain great insight and dig very deep to find the strength to rise up from my ashes and from this private hell like a phoenix — or Terminator if you prefer scifi to mythology.

    As yet, I can already perceive the effects of this upcoming full moon at work which I fear most of all as it's going to unleash all my karmic potential, i.e. it will conjunct the lunar nodes currently in Leo/Aquarius, transiting both my natal Dark Lilith and vertex right when the transiting Dark Lilith and Saturn will join Pluton on my Ascendant and Mars will be back to its initial position at birth on my south node (karmic past). Those familiar with karmic astrology may understand my concern, while rightly so, the rest won't give a s***. Never mind, my intent never was to ride the alarmist wav, but on the contrary to remind you of the inherent duality in all things as illustrated by my own personal moon than can lead me to heaven or hell — the former being what the article below aims at.

    According to a small quizz (on the same webite) to find what your lunar eclipse personality is, I am a “Vitalis Vision-Holder”:

    You are an inspirer, and Full Moons give you a window into the future with prophetic sight. Moon magic moves through you as flashes of insight and originality! The best way for you to survive (and thrive!) through the mystical mayhem of this lunar eclipse is to put your tools of divination to work, and channel some cosmic insight!

    A rather accurate statement with spot on piece of wisdom. We shall see in details in 6-7 month's time when the next eclipse is due to occur.


    2018 is off to an explosive start, and it’s about to get even better…

    On January 31st, we will witness an incredibly rare Super Blue Blood Moon, the first one in over 150 years! What makes this Full Moon so notable is the concurrence of three major celestial events.


    A Supermoon occurs when the Full Moon is at perigee, the point on its orbit when it’s closest to Earth. Full Moons mark a time of ripening, release, healing, celebration, community and culmination. This is why many ancients tribes had harvest and fertility rituals during the Full Moon phase. Just as it tugs on the tides, the Moon rules your still inner waters.


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