• 5 Tips for Thriving in ‘The Matrix’

    Article by Free Spirit

    You can have an amazing and abundant life free from enslavement to the Matrix once you realize how the Matrix got there in the first place as well as how your thoughts and feelings create your reality in every moment. You are the Master of your own Manifestation and your choices have the power to free or enslave you – as you choose. At first glance – life seems unfair and you may think that you are stuck in a system that is out to consume you. One one level – this is true – but this is not the only reality that you can experience.

    The world is a maze of lies. Finding the truth is a major work and not so easy to discern. The whole system has been created to enslave you to an agenda based upon false ideals. Understand that the whole system is ‘death-affirming’ and it will destroy you if you do not take steps to free yourself. If you want an amazing life of abundance free of the ‘Matrix’ you will need to stay ahead of the lies.


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