• 5 Phrases More Important Than “I Love You”

    Article by Mark DeNicola

    So first of all, to all the killjoys who have been around, let me point out that promoting Saint Valentine's Day is precisely what I'm not doing here. I simply take the opportunity to deal with what this mercantile holiday is supposed to celebrate (you may read about its true origins in Related articles) and that is love. As one might expect, it's about anything but that, and since true love doesn't need a pre-fixed date to express nor expensive gifts as a token, I felt this article was very appropriate, especially as a reminder that this feeling binding two beings, on which much has been thought, theorised and hoarded, is finally completely different to what may have been said or written about it. True love is often imitated, never matched. Of course, we're talking about romantic love here, but when extending it to most of the people who are supposed to love us, unfortunately, we may often realise that many hardly match any of the five phrases mentioned below. To all those Cupid has rejected and abused (and there are more of them than you may think), know it is sometimes best to experience true solitude than feeling lonely with the wrong person, which makes your heart dry out and go stale.


    With one of the most profitable manmade holidays lurking just around the corner, many of us are ready to dig a little deeper into our pockets to show our affection for our significant others. Restaurants are slammed with reservations, flower shops have order requests through the figurative roof, and jewelry shop employees are working overtime, all to meet the demands of Valentine’s Day.

    But rather than focusing on the gifted gestures, I’d instead like to focus on the phrase that is seemingly synonymous with February 14th worldwide. The phrase, of course, is “I love you” — three simple words that have the potential to carry immense meaning, and form the backbone of so much of our seeming happiness.

    As much as I love the phrase, I personally feel that it is not the standout winner for the most important thing to be said to your significant other to really let them know they are loved. Here are 5 other phrases that might just be more important than “I love you.”


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