• 2020: An Earth Odyssey

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    Sing for absolution, I will be singing
    And falling from your grace.
    There's nowhere left to hide,
    In no one to confide.
    The truth burns deep inside
    And will never die.

    "Sing For Absolution", Muse (2003)

    Every time we enter a new year, we're so confident that the one we just left behind was the worst and so we raise our expectations for the best to come only to find out, once that new year is over, that we had been wrong all along.

    In accordance with the 2020 vibration (which also happens to be similar to my own life path's), I shall just mention a couple of so-called “esoteric” facts. Please, forgive me if it hurts your straightforward belief system. In this regard, I wish you all the best during the increasing challenges you may meet in the forthcoming months. But who knows, the last to come to awareness may not be the last to change, notwithstanding the big spiritual egos clouding our essence as they feel special for using their channeling skills whereas this ability lays dormant in everyone of us, not just in a specific group of “chosen ones” (too bad for their business).

    So in numerology, 2020 reduces to 2+0+2+0=4 which is the number of earth, matter, practicality, pragmatism, logic, consistency, but also stubbornness and control. It is related to the Emperor in tarot tradition.

    2020 is also the combination of two 2's (association, collaboration, diplomacy and duality) and two 0's (infinite possibilities, the mightiest number, the Source, all there is as when you add both positive and negative polarities of each number, it always makes zero). A mirror year amplifying the vibration of number 20 similar to the Judgement or Reconnection card. An angel coming down from Heaven blows a trumpet, symbolising spiritual awakening or Revelation.

    Add some astrology to the whole mix and you get the 4 annual vibration reflected in the bundle of slow-moving planets in Earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus) including the South Node representing created karma, which will be transiting the galactic centre on the summer solstice.

    There are also some talks about an upcoming dreaded solar flash our “controllers” are so concerned about, that would input news codes in our global consciousness (watch out for the 02.02.2020 portal). Incidentally, this fits rather well with what Murielle Roberts writes about Reishthe Divine Spark radiating from atop, ascending in humility, ‘bowing down your ego to hear your Heart’ and release your karmic memories so as to travel light in constant communication with your Higher Self”.

    A blasting New Year (starting with eclipses, drums, trumpets, powder kegs and all the hoopla) I wish the least chaotic as possible if not meeting our expectations.

    Let's stop wishing, let's create and let go!


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