• 12 Clear Signs You’re Avoiding Your Soul Work

    Article by Natalie Kent

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    For the last week I have been frustrated beyond belief. Why? I had no idea.

    Until I realized that the frustration I was feeling was due to NOT using my full potential in my life and work; to side-stepping my true capacity to create what only I can create.

    Let’s take a step back for a minute.

    Why do humans create? Buildings, families, businesses, communities… Why do we do it?

    Somewhere inside us we feel the pulse of creation, the creative force of the universe that is constantly evolving our reality.

    This the purest form of creation. But what typically happens is this: we try to create for gain. Our own personal agenda gets in the way and we find ourselves thinking about something other than the creation itself — what we’ll get out of it.

    What is soul work? It is your highest potential to create something tangible that shapes even the tiniest part of this world.


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