• 10 Reasons Why Spirituality is Greater Than Religion

    Article by Gary Z. McGee

    1. Religion claims to have all the answers; spirituality questions all claims:

    People afraid of losing their truth tend to be more violent than people who are used to looking at the world from several different viewpoints. Questions you cannot answer are usually better for you than answers you cannot question.

    ~ Yuval Noah Harari

    Religion is narrow-minded because it believes it has all the answers. Spirituality is openminded because it dares to question all answers. The simple fact that it is considered blasphemy to question the answers that religion provides, creates a wall for the curious mind. Blocking curiosity leads to a lack of imagination. A lack of imagination leads to stagnant spirituality. And stagnant spirituality is fundamentally unhealthy for human beings.

    One may have become religious with the intent to be spiritual, but stagnant spirituality will almost always be the result when one is scared to question things. The only way out of such stagnation is to regain both curiosity and imagination and to continue the spiritual search by questioning all so-called answers. One does not need religion for this task.


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